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Chinese New Year 2011 Lantern Shows (1)

18 February 2011

Celestial beings come to watch the lantern show ...
(A lantern show depicting a traditional Chinese New Year custom: climb onto the city walls on the 16th day of the first lunar month)

taking place in the land of dragon on the first full moon night of Golden Rabbit
(A giant lantern in the form of a scroll painting)

Grand entrance to the brilliant show of light
(A city wall has been made into a massive lantern)

with a big white rabbit as the star performer at the centre of the stage
(A rabbit greater than humans in Shanghai's Yuyuan Garden)

and its rabbit mates guarding your path throughout the year
(A lantern-adorned rabbit garden)

to show Chinese government how to safeguard China's food supply
(A lantern show of rabbit farm)

to advise Chinese armies how to safeguard China's maritime territories
(An historical episode retold by lanterns: the Battle of Red Cliffs during the Three Kingdom's Era)

to brief Chinese nation how to turn over a new leaf amidst the shower of fire
(Dragon dance in Guizhou with difference: Dancing dragon is showered in fireworks lit by audience)

and to educate the world how to share resource and wealth in a win-win situation when living in a same little pond on earth
(A water lantern display in Shandong)

[1] [2]

(Sources of photos: 王立胜\吴东俊\钮一新\ 天马万里行 and

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A majestic portrait of Yellow Emperor formed by lanterns in the Chinese New Year







2011 两会应列议题: 转基因大米前因后果、来龙去脉;台前幕后、境内境外;害在当世、罪在千秋; 抵消所有功德、祸延子孙万代。



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