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Chinese On New Year's Day 2011

12 February 2011

Touring parks where trees bear red lanterns

Watching ducks swimming in ponds and birds circulating skies

Reading a piece of history engraved on a monument

Learning local chronicle engraved on giant bamboo slips

Visiting traditional Chinese architecture sculptured onto a screen wall

Touching a stone carved with two blissful Chinese characters: Happy God

Watching a live show depicting an ancient scene of Chinese New Year in an imperial court

Sharing a jolly moment with a man dressed in Chinese emperor's apparel and a twin with rabbit headcover (Note a funny look on that boy's face)

Viewing a craft master doing metal engraving work

Holding a Tiger baby with a spooky smile on his face and a pair of shoes decorated with rabbit image

Entertaining public with traditional Chinese dance in traditional Chinese costume

Cracking riddles on lantern-shaped paper hanging on streets to collect rewards

Purchasing home-made egg noodle and candies

Sticking New Year's couplets on front door to attract auspicious chi

Giving birth to China's first Rabbit baby 2011


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A Tiger disguised as a Rabbit perching on its human mom's shoulder

Grandpa: Why look so serious, baby?

Tiger: I feel I'm a bit dishonest by pretending to be a 人畜无害小白兔.

Grandpa: Know what, baby, we can alter our nature by consciously changing our habit. If you keep thinking you are a rabbit, one day you may really become a vegetarian.

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