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Mutant Investigation -
Chinese Vigilantes on the Move

20 February 2011

If China is a giant, it is not an entirely healthy giant, not at the moment, not so far. It has been plagued by many diseases, some are genetically inherited (everyone has sort of genetic defects and China has already had the best genes in the town), others are recently acquired after joined the world club and learned a few bad habits from naughty guys, such as addition for get-rich-quick drugs called GDP, privatization and urbanization, but the most serious health problems are the malicious tumors grown internally and externally. Some of the tumors appear on China's toes that threaten the integrity of its feet, some emerge in its livers that mark beneficial elements as toxin while helping harmful ingredients to sneak into the system, some occur in its heart yearning to be conquered and enslaved, some materialised on its arms which drive them to hit its own body, and some pop up within its head that make its vision blurry and mind clouded.

It is believed that most malicious tumors are caused by mutants - the native genes genetically modified in the US laboratories that are financed by various CIA sponsored or connected foundations. The mutants have now spread everywhere in the system and become terribly active. The good news is a number of antidote have been developed, one of them is a website called (Society of Progress):

Unlike which has an official background, or that has been around for quite a while with its support base across Chinese community from high office to grassroots, or that though having adopted the most angry-youth style label but in fact being a toothless 人畜无害小白兔, is a sniper in ambush, a warrior in armour, a private detective investigating the mutants.

The website is designed in a wiki-style structure which allows registered readers to create a topic and edit the published entries. Of all its features, the most eye-catching is a section named "西奴吊架" (Gallows for Alien Collaborators). By now over a hundred individuals, including a military general, a famous television host, a group of government officials, a bunch of intellectuals, a pile of media guys and a multitude of other beings, have got a gallow knot around their neck, accompanied with the details of their respective high treason offences or crimes.

A military version of Liu Xiaobo


An U.S. watchdog in China

The following is an evidence collected by the website against the general, an article published on Sydney Morning Herald during the height of the crisis on the Yellow Sea caused by US aircraft carrier Washington's provocative military actions:

A military serviceman spoke against the national interest in such a sensitive moment would definitely be sent to face the court martial in any country. It's a miracle that this freak has got away unpunished.

Despite the website's uncompromised stance on alien collaborators and feel proud for promoting patriotic nationalism, it is, amazingly, much less extreme but more inclusive in its views of China and of the world than many fundamental leftists and far rightists. Maybe it is precisely because its administrators are CHINESE nationalists, while being level-headed and inclusive are the key to Chinese culture, a genuine Chinese nationalist just cannot be an exclusive extremist in the same time, or he must be a fake one.

Then you may wonder that if so why they bother to set up gallows and create a blacklist for mutants?

Here we found an answer from their website:


It means - as we understand - that they will wait patiently for the mutants to come to their sense and return normal again, unless, well, unless the tumors have progressed to the terminal stage of cancer and cause China giant to collapse ... by then they will check the names against the blacklist, one by one, and locate the mutants, and their families, since they do not believe the traitors should have an opportunity to profit from the blood of their own people and survive alone ... ...

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西奴界定原则 (


Sydney Morning Herald on Liu Yazhou (刘亚洲 12 August 2010):

A Chinese two-star general has warned his conservative Communist Party masters and firebrand People's Liberation Army colleagues that China must either embrace US-style democracy or accept Soviet-style collapse.

As officers of similar rank rattle their sabres against US aircraft carriers in the Yellow and South China seas, General Liu Yazhou says China's rise depends on adopting America's system of government rather than challenging its dominance off China's eastern coast.

中国一位二星将军警告他在共产党内的保守派上司及军队内的同事, 指出中国只有两条路:或者拥抱美式民主体制,或者象前苏联一样崩溃。


Chinese comments on the SMH article:



I've said long time ago, that if US regime wants to find a man representing its interest within CCP, Liu Yazhou is the man, whose flawed personal character is similar to that of Mikhail Gorbachev as summarized by Margaret Satchel: Reckless, easy to be influenced, extremely vain, on good terms with most political elites, therefore with our help, he will be able to gain top power.



An army general interferes politics with the backing of alien forces, good job.



A fiction writer has been able to climb to the rank of two star general through marriage, such a promotional system indeed needs to be reformed.



  • 爱国主义只有在现代民主国家产生以后才具有普遍的真实意义。

  • 富人参加选举有积极意义

  • 土地承包权流转需延长承包期限

  • 土地深化改革不得拖延






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