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Whose Coffins Are These? 

5 November 2011 

- Whose coffins are these?

- US soldiers'.

- How did the soldiers die?

- Killed in Iraq.

- How many?

- 3169, by 2 November 2011.

- Why did they go there?

- They were told Iraqis had WMD and America was in danger.

- Is this true?

- This is a lie.

- And the truth?

- Israel has WMD but feels it was and is and will always be threatened.

- Why is it so?

- Because Israel engaged in deadly neighbourhood disputes.

- Why it fights with its neighbours?

- Because its neighbours say it's not their neighbour but a home-invader.

- I see, just like what Manchus and Japanese did to Chinese.

- Well, not exactly. While Manchus and Japanese were from elsewhere outside the Middle Kingdom, for brief periods during the long planetary history, that area was part of an ancient kingdom of Israel.

- Right. But if my memory serves me correctly, for a brief period during the long planetary history, much of the Middle East and half of the Europe were part of the less ancient Mongol empire.

- But historical fact is just one reason for Jews to keep confiscating other people's properties in the region. According to the mythical Talmud, the creation began in Jerusalem and the world radiates outward from that place, and the Jews were specially chosen by the Creator to rule the epicentre of the cosmos.

- Why were they chosen.

- Well gosh, I guess it's because they are superior people.

- What a worthy lot. Anyway, who created the Talmud?

- The Creator.

- Where to find the evidence to prove His authorship?

- In Jewish memories.

- So 3169 Americans died for Jewish tales created by Jewish memories? Do you think it's funny?

- No!


Test your IQ: Who said what - about this man

1) I cannot stand him. He is a liar.

2) You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!

3) You are bad for Israel if you dare to be cold and disrespectful towards this man.

Answer at the bottom of this column.

Answer to the quiz:

1) US president Barrack Obama

2) French President Nicolas Sarkozy

3) Israeli politician Danny Non: "Anyone who had doubts about the way Obama treats Israel doesn't have them anymore. Obama is bad for Israel.”

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