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War on Earth  

3 November 2011 

Lie: NATO air-striking Libya is for "saving countless lives".


May 13, 11 religious imams were killed and 50 others injured when a NATO airstrike struck a large gathering in Brega praying for peace in conflict-ridden Libya

June 19, at least nine civilians were killed in a NATO airstrike on Tripoli. Reporters saw bodies being pulled out of a destroyed building.

June 20, 15 civilians including three children had been killed by a NATO airstrike on Sorman

July 25, 11 civilians were claimed killed by a NATO airstrike on a medical clinic in Zliten

July 30, 3 journalists were killed and 15 wounded in NATO attacks against the Libyan state TV, which continued to broadcast after the attacks. (These are true national heroes fighting to their breadth against the Western invaders and local collaborators)

August 9, 85 civilians were killed in NATO airstrikes on Majer, a village near Zliten

It is estimated that up to 30,000 civilians were directly killed by NATO forces, which does not include the civilians slaughtered by the armed insurgents backed by NATO, and legitimate government soldiers sacrificed while performing their legitimate duty of defending the nation.

Lie: NATO military intervention of Libya is a crucial part of the war against Islamic fundamentalism and global terrorism.

Truth: After a forced regime change, the black flag of Al Qaeda flies from the roof of the courthouse in Benghazi, where the country’s new rulers have imposed sharia law since seizing power.

By so doing, what US and other NATO rulers can expect in return from the karmic retribution?

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America's 99% demand to stop wars against the 99% in the world, and warn the 1% in America and in other NATO countries that occupying Wall Street movement is JUST THE BEGINING! This is the beginning for the 99% in the world to reclaim peace and justice long trashed by the 1%.


3,000 Occupy Oakland protesters blocked the gateway to the dock at the city's busy shipping port on Nevember 2.

"There's absolutely something wrong with the system," said Jessica Medina, a single mother who attends school part time and works at an Oakland cafDe. "We need to change that." reported by Foxnews.

While military veterans marched in uniform in New York to support their brother-in-arms Scott Olsen who was shot by police at point-blank range in Oakland, in Los Angeles and many other US cities, Occupiers held rallies in solidarity with the Oakland general strike.

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