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Three Kingdoms verbal Warfare 

13 November 2011 


This is a video clip from Chinese TV series Three Kingdom's Warfare (三国演义).

One day, the most militarily powerful and politically ambitious Weir Kingdom (魏国) engaged in a showdown with the most benevolent Shu Kingdom (蜀国) located in Sichuan Province. And the armies were drawn up facing each other in a battle field.


After three rolls of the drums, Wei's consultant Wang Lang came to the front with an attempt to mediate between Weir's Commander-in-Chief Cao Zhen and Shu's Commander-in-Chief Kong Ming (孔明, also known as Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮).

"We request the leader of the opposing army to come out to a parley," his messenger called out in a loud voice,

At this, within the Shu army, in the centre of the array, a four-wheeled carriage rolled out wherein sat Kong Ming in white robe and black sash with a goose feather fan in his hand.

Wang advanced forward and began a face-to-face interview with Kong.

"I am happy to meet you, Mr. Kong. You are a man of language talent, if you will turn down your vocal weapons and throw aside your fan and come to serve our lord, you shall not lose your rank. Is this not worth for your to consider?"

Kong laughed, and said: "I have a word to say that all the armies may hear. In the days of Emperors Yaobang and Ziyang the rule of Han declined, the nation fell into confusion. The 82 exploded. Because many government officers were corrupt and foolish, living only that they might feed, hanjian and their media become the most profitable business in China, and tour guide to lead the way for foreigners to raid Chinese graveyards become a popular profession.

"I know all about you. You came from the south-eastern seashore. You got into office with a sponsorship from abroad; you aid the foreign power to trash your own ancestral land. I have no trouble to imagine that your gang now have entered into a plot to usurp the Throne. Indeed your crime is great and your guilt heavy. Heaven and earth will not suffer you. The inhabitants of this land would devour you.

"You fool and hanjian! Mark you, today is your last day. Get lost your mother's! Roll away your mother's! Exercise your mother's!"

Fierce wrath filled the media guy's breast. With one despairing cry Wang Lang fell to the earth dead.

Full story can be read at this web site:

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