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A China's Railway Worker's Diary - 7 June 1953 

3 November 2011 

7 June1953, Sunday

In the twilight of early evening I bid a farewell to aunt and all my fellow students and relatives. Parting is the saddest thing in life, especially when it is parting with my kind and sentimental aunt, whose tears broke my heart which made me unable to speak. So many words were stuck in my throat that I could barely say anything. Once on the tram, my tears streamed down. Phoenix [a housemaid - translator] got aunt’s permission to see me off at railway station and kept weeping along the way. Jinghua [a cousin at junior high - translator] bravely contained her tears, and Jianhong [a cousin brother - translator] is just too young to understand what was going on, and happily enjoyed a night out.

Sunflower gave me a diary and her correspondence details. She came to see me and her younger sister leaving for Qingdao. Snow also came to say goodbye, and bought a China Youth magazine for me to read on the train. Duckweed urged me to send her a photo of me in Railway Uniform. Their friendship touched me deeply. Comrades from Shanghai Railway Bureau also arrived at the station. The platform was crowded with our fellow students, family members and relatives waving goodbye to us. Goodbye, Shanghai.

... ...

Time now is 9pm, and I'm writing this diary on the train.

Grandma has already turned 60 but is very healthy, and watched my train leaving the station. She loves me most dearly. Now seeing me grow up and get a job, she must feel very proud of me.




... ...



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