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A China's Railway Worker's Diary - 6 June 1953 

3 November 2011 

6 June1953, Saturday

I planned to finish Chrysanthemum’s book today, but kept getting interrupted by trivial things, so I only had read half of the novel. When having dinner, Grace and Chrysanthemum came, and had dinner with us. Then together we went to see Zhifen. When she was rejected by the Railway Training Course due to her tuberculosis condition, all the students at Trust Accounting felt a great sympathy for her and raised money to help her out, and I was one of the donation organizers. Now she is still at Trust Accounting studying State-Run Enterprising. We went to her relative’s home where she lives, but they said she went to help Dazhi [another fellow student at Trust Accounting - translator] doing some bookkeeping work. So we jumped on tram heading for Dazhi’s home and found he is running a grocery store now. The pair appear to be obsessed with how to make more money, and have little common interest with us. They didn’t even bother to invite us to sit, and we didn’t bother to stay long.



5 June 1953, Friday | 7 June 1953, Sunday

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