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A China's Railway Worker's Diary - 5 June 1953 

3 November 2011 

5 June1953, Friday

Chrysanthemum came to visit in the morning and had lunch here. She said she had spent all her time reading novel The Sun Shines on the Sanggan River. At about 3pm in the afternoon, Grace phoned me and invited me to go to Trust Accounting to transfer our membership with China-Russia Friendship Association. We met Eileen there and they dragged me to do shopping with them. But on the way we met grandma who was also coming to buy something, so I left the girls to do shopping with grandma.

Afterwards I went back to Trust Accounting. The girls were yet to return from their shopping trip, but I met Chrysanthemum who was about to bring the novel to my home. So we went to teachers’ office to see if anybody was there. Mr Zhang and Vice Dean Yang were still there working. Zhang seemed very thrilled when he told us that among the students at Railway Training Course, 700 were from our Trust Accounting. It’s indeed wonderful.





4 June 1953, Thursday | 6 June 1953, Saturday

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