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A China's Railway Worker's Diary - 4 June 1953 

3 November 2011 

4 June 1953, Wednesday

This morning Chrysanthemum and I went to report our duty at Practical Training School, Grace went with us. We waited quite a while, at 11am, Comrade Lu from state bureau for industry came to give a speech, and announced the details of the travel schedule. We Qingdao-bound will leave by Train 116 on the afternoon of June 7, and the journey may take a little more than one day. Chrysanthemum and all those heading for Shijiazhuang will board the train at 6pm the same day.

In the afternoon, I went to visit Teacher Jiang with Chrysanthemum, Grace, Eileen and Hills. Jiang bought some candies and peanuts, and we enjoyed the treats while chatting about what featured foods our respective assigned destinations may possess and what brilliant future shall await our nation. We feel tremendously proud for having an opportunity to help build our country’s transport infrastructure. The graduates from our college can be found on almost every rail line, which is certainly a great honour. We stayed for more than an hour. When saying good bye to him, Teacher Jiang wished each of us happy. I think, everyone living in the new China is blessed with happiness.




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