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Inside Occupy Wall Street Raid: Eyewitnesses Describe Arrests, Beatings As NYPD Clear Camp 

16 November 2011

The team rushed down to Zuccotti Park in the middle of the night to report on the police crackdown on Occupy Wall Street. We were there until the early hours of the morning, witnessing the arrests in the streets in Lower Manhattan and the dismantling of the encampment — and the hauling away protesters' belongings. "They can't pull one over our eyes. They can't put nothing in our eyes that's going to blind [us to] what's going on here. And the same goes for all the people who are out there," a protester told us after the police twice pepper-sprayed him in the face.


The 1% of 1% want to create even more suffering & hardship for the people who have dared to speak out against corporate & banking corruption & the buying of government policy. The NYPD have been given huge donations by JP Morgan.

The 4th Reich is alive in Gemerica & Aermany.

Go back to sleep America , corporations are in full control, but for how much longer?

Facebook banned me from posting until I give them my phone number. The only thing I was doing was sharing OWS videos.


I'm having difficulty sharing ANYTHING re OWS on FaceBook. I can post & share other stuff, but OWS is difficult. I zoomed out as far as I could to minimize before I could hit "share" button. Also, I must go to original source, not via friend on news feed, to share.


Police, why you throw away their belongings? ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ


I can't believe they are silencing these people for voicing there opinions!!!

Shut Down Wall Street! Occupy the Subways! Take the Square!

Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park), home of Occupy Wall Street for the past two months and birthplace of the 99% movement, was evicted by a large police force in full riot gear.

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