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How Can US Government Ever Be Trusted Again?
After Learning Of The Rampant Insider Trading That Has Been Going On? 

16 November 2011 

Up until now, the vast majority of Americans had no idea that insider trading was actually legal for members of Congress. Will the shocking revelations that have come to light in recent days finally be enough to motivate the American people to start throwing all of the con men and charlatans out of Congress? This is the question asked by

According to the 60 Minutes, the members of Congress have been using secrets that they have learned during the course of their duties to make huge amounts of money in the stock market. During the financial crisis of 2008, some Congressmen and Congresswomen were making huge stock moves that would only pay off if the market crashed really hard. In short, the US government at the time of crisis was not focusing on creating legislation that would help the U.S. financial system survive but rushing to make a huge profit for themselves.

It is not hard to notice that nearly all US politicians are wealthy elitists and are rapidly becoming wealthier at the time when 99% of the population are doing really tough. Today, the average net worth for a member of Congress is approximately 3.8 million dollars, and the collective net worth for all Congress members increased by 25 percent between 2008 and 2010.

While these con artists have occupied the Capital Hill for two decades or even two centuries, yesterday they sent police force to evict their victims from the Liberty Square, the centre of the OWS movement, because occupiers had occupied the place for two long - almost two months!

And now President Obama is seeking to start new wars in Middle East and in Asia to create more opportunities for politicians to earn more commissions or rebates from the military and related industry, and it is the ordinary US citizens who will have to pay for the wars with their money, surely, and plus their lives, probably.

While at the same time, Obama and his colleagues at Capital Hill still have the nerve to talk about promoting human rights in the world! Do they ever care about the basic survival rights of the 99% people in their own country?

Now the American people are learning the truth. Are they going to defend their rights and re-occupy what were taken away from them or just give up and let the corporate-government keep ripping them off?

Here are some clues:

Phil Forrester:

how come the Americans are always saying Mexico is corrupt when US sets the gold standard.

Russell Schmidt - East Meadow High School:

I've gone from loving my country to not even wanting to display the American flag any longer because it no longer stands for liberty and freedom. I've even gave up on the GOP campaign because there is not one politician you can trust.

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