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The Hands That Pushed, Are Pushing and Will Keep Pushing America Into Israel's Wars (4) 

11 November 2011 

Viewer's comment:


For us Americans to continue thinking that we live in a Democracy and that our votes control how we will be governed, IS JUST STUPID! We have foolishly allowed a foreign government, that is ... ..., to take over our economy, our foreign policies and our politics. It's time we brought them all to JUSTICE!

Below is the except of an article written by Stephen J. Sniegoski published on titled The War on Iraq: Conceived in Israel:

How did the 9/11 terrorist attack lead to the planned war on Iraq, even though there is no real evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11? From the time of the 9/11 attack, neoconservatives, of primarily (though not exclusively) Jewish ethnicity and right-wing Zionist persuasion, have tried to make use of 9/11 to foment a broad war against Islamic terrorism, the targets of which would coincide with the enemies of Israel.

To understand why Israeli leaders would want a Middle East war, it is first necessary to take a brief look at the history of the Zionist movement and its goals. Despite public rhetoric to the contrary, the idea of expelling (or, in the accepted euphemism, "transferring") the indigenous Palestinian population was an integral part of the Zionist effort to found a Jewish national state in Palestine.

However, Segev continues, the Zionist leaders learned not to publicly proclaim their plan of mass expulsion because "this would cause the Zionists to lose the world's sympathy."

The key was to find an opportune time to initiate the expulsion so it would not incur the world's condemnation.

The opportunity to grab additional land occurred as a result of the 1967 war; however, that occupation brought with it the problem of a large Palestinian population. By that time world opinion was totally opposed to forced population transfers, equating such a policy with the unspeakable horror of Nazism.

Since the 1967 war, the major question in Israeli politics has been: What to do with that territory and its Palestinian population?

It was during the 1980s, with the coming to power of the right-wing Likud government, that the idea of expulsion resurfaced publicly. And this time it was directly tied to a larger war, with destabilization of the Middle East seen as a precondition for Palestinian expulsion. Full article at.

Reader's comment:


“50 percent of the prominent neocons surrounding the Bush administration were Jewish” – The percentage of Jewish warmongers pushing for war in open letters to Pres. Clinton and Bush is much higher.

[1] [2] [3] [4]

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Wall Street and its mouthpiece have now launched a campaign to discredit OWS Movement. The New York Times dug up an article published on the Adbuster 7 years ago that revealed the Jewish background and Israel links of many warmongers in the Bush administration. The magazine was thus accused by the New York Times of being anti-Semitic. Abduster's reply to the accusation, however, was refused to be published in full on the NYT. What a tyranny of media dictatorship in US.

The following are some comments left by viewers on regarding the event:


I like Asbusters [Anti-Semitism Buster]. LOL!

What a great opportunity this is to ‘water down’ further the perfidious and malicious accusation of anti semitic by zionist gangbangers whenever the subject of justice for Palestine is brought up.

I think Mr. Lars should use his publication to launch a full-scale-assault campaign against the wretched and nefarious zionist media. Expose after expose, ridicule after ridicule and humiliation after humiliation – a continuous and expanding ‘War of Ideas’ in our nationwide media!

I also advise Mr. Lasn to sue the pants off his accusers and fast! I’d love to have the definition of anti-jewish/anti-semitic open for discussion in the courts and also to more of the public. I’d love for the public to understand the difference between judaism and zionism: learn it like they had to learn(?) the difference between sunni and shia in the last ten years – well at least they know THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between them, confused as they maybe about the details.


It doesn’t help that we have people like Witty and hophmi and DBG insisting that their loyalty to the “Jewish nation” is more important than their status as American citizens.


We all deserve to know that 60 – 80 percent of the Democratic Party’s funding comes from Jewish sources, many of whom are very pro-Israel.

Lasn is absolutely correct to publish statistics on Jewish involvement in the neocons and the neocon/neolib involvement in getting us into war.

Because really who cares? The public is so over the anti semitism hysteria of the zios.

All the OWS anti semitism clap trap is about is Israel Firsters trying to destroy OWS because they and Israel can’t afford for the US government to get cleaned up or out.


True, and fewer and fewer people are taking the NYT seriously now. Remind me, where were they on the invasion of Iraq, way back when?


i can’t understand why anyone even bothers with the nyt… isn’t it obvious the nyt and the wapo are hopelessly slanted news outlets that don’t serve the interests of the public, but only their owners own agenda??

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