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CBS News:
South Carolina Republican
2012 Presidential Debate

16 November 2011


Major Garrett 主持人之一: 

Governor Huntsman, Governor Romney just said we're in the middle of a war that's-- we're not even declared or we're not even aware of. And Governor Perry said China will end up on the ash heap of history. You've been in China. You were the ambassador for our nation there under President Obama. What's your reaction?


Jon Huntsman 洪博培:

....... So what should we be doing? We should be reaching out to our allies and constituencies within China. They're called the young people. They're called the internet generation. There are 500 million internet users in China.


Scott Pelley 主持人之二:

And Governor, we're going to have to--


Jon Huntsman 洪博培:

And 80 million bloggers. And they are bringing about change, the likes of which is gonna take China down.


Scott Pelley 主持人之二:

We're gonna have to leave it there, Governor.


Jon Huntsman 洪博培:

While we have an opportunity to go up and win back our economic--


Scott Pelley 主持人之二:



Jon Huntsman 洪博培:

--manufacturing muscles. That's all I wanna do as president.


Does anyone still have any doubt that the most US politicians are plain anti-humanity fascists? Does anyone still believe that any Chinese who collaborates with the US embassy or CIA-backed foundations against Chinese interest should not be dealt with in the most harsh manner?

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The Truth Behind US' China Aid

Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is a warrior in his undeclared war against China, therefore it is understandable when he demanded to scrap the aid project for China that costs $100 million each year. But he quickly changed his mind.


Since Romney is in war with China, it is reasonable to assume that the reason for him to support the aid project can only be one: it will help him to destroy China.

The following are the full list of Chinese organizations that receive the financial support from the US government (美国国家民主基金会资助的中国各种组织名单):

Beijing Spring 北京之春
Center for Modern China 现代中国中心
Center for Private Economic Studies 私有经济研究中心
China Aid Association 中国救助协会
China Economists Society 中国经济学家学会
China Free Press 中国新闻自由(组织)
China Information Center 中国信息中心
China News Digest International, Inc. 中国新闻文摘国际公司
China Perspective,Inc. 中国透视公司
China Review 中国评论
Democracy for China Fund 中国民主基金会
Democracy China 民主中国
Democracy China Magazine 民主中国杂志
Foundation for Human Rights and Dempcracy in China 中国人权与民主基金会
Green China 绿色中国
Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor 香港人权观察
Human Rights in China,Inc. 中国人权公司
Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars 中国学生学者独立协会
International Campaign for Tibet 西藏国际运动
Laogai Research Foundation 劳改研究基金会
Legal Rights Education 合法权益教育
Minzhu Zhongguo,Inc.,Sub:Democratic China 民主中国
National Economic Reform Institute 国家经济改革研究所
Open Magazine 开放杂志
Press Freedom Guardian 新闻自由卫士
Princeton China Initiative 普林斯顿中国项目
Tendency Quartery Inc. 趋势季刊
China Strategic Institute 中国战略研究所
Tibet Fund 西藏基金会
Tibet Information Network 西藏信息网络
Tibet Justice Center 西藏正义中心
Tibet Multimedia Center 西藏多媒体中心
Tibet Times Newspaper 西藏时报
Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy 西藏人权与民主中心
Tibetan Literacy Society 西藏扫盲协会
Tibetan Multimedia Centre 西藏多媒体中心
Tibetan Review 西藏评论
Voice Tibet 西藏之音

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