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Why Xinhai Revolution Occurred 100 Years Ago This Month? (2)

13 October 2011

We love Manchu's Qing because Manchu emperors would never disturb the strict social hierarchy by visiting an untitled scholar and chatted about arts and literature through the night.

The painting portrays a Song emperor's visit to a scholar without an official post in the government. Author: Liu Jun (刘俊) of Ming dynasty

We love Manchu's Qing because Manchu officials knew how to simplify complicated human relationships: either you are my master (主子) or I'm your master, or in other words, either I'm your slave (奴才)or you are my slave.

A group of zombie look Manchu officials

We love Manchu's Qing because a great number of Chinese people once again liberated their feet from the confinement of shoes therefore saved a lot of natural resources.

The photo shows a magistrate and his half a dozen assistants interrogating a single "subject" at his office.

We love Manchu's Qing because Manchu elites would never waste their time talking, walking, observing and thinking like Song and Ming elites did.

Painting by Ming scholar artist Chou Ying.

We love Manchu's Qing because Manchu elites would only spend their time on one task: lie on the bed studying opium.

The photo about a Qing's opium house. Most of the customers were Manchus since by law they didn't need to work and were eligible for life-time living allowance provided by Manchu government with the money raised through tax contributed by local Chinese people.

We love Manchu's Qing because it turned graceful Chinese men into a savage-look clowns, which has enormous entertainment values.

We love Manchu's Qing because it was the first time in history when Chinese men had a chance to try out fancy hairstyle (of course they had no chance to not try, as according to the Manchu's law, Chinese men had to choose between their hair and their head - they were not allowed to keep both).

We love Manchu's Qing because the small vendors and kids from ordinary families under the Qing would not live an extravagant rotten life style like those in Ming did. It's outrageous to see those commoners wear boots, shoes and hat.

Vendor and kids: a painting about Ming people's daily life by a Ming artist.

We love Manchu's Qing because by then grown-up men kept a childlike spirit and played their games on dirt.

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驱除鞑虏, 恢复中华!
Drive Away Manchu, Revive Chinese Civilization

Sun Yat-se (also known as Sun Zhongshan) in the film. Sun was the spiritual leader of the Xinhai Revolution.

The real photo of Sun Yat-sen and his wife Song Qingling, former Vice Chairperson of People's Republic of China and the sister-in-law of Chiang Kai-shek.

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