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Wow, We Came, We Saw, She Did!

21 October 2011

The Shocking Video Hillary Clinton Does NOT Want You To See! (1)

The Shocking Video Hillary Clinton Does NOT Want You To See! (2)


We came, we saw, she did!

Of course, we are not on the position to judge if Hillary Clinton is guilty of anything, but since the claims revealed in the videos are quite serious in nature, we believe they deserve official investigations by White House or NATO or United Nations.

We think there’s a big sigh of progress that the issues have been publicly aired for four years plus three days. We just hope those who leaked the matter won't be charged for making love with their wives without Swedish prosecutors' approval or won't be placed on President Obama's "killing list".

Now, there still are remnants of corporatocracy loyalists, and 99% have to contend with them. But we think removing her as Secretary of State will be a very positive step, if the accusations indeed are true.

Let's pray for those who daringly expose Washington's money-politics, and those who led or lead or are going to lead resistance wars from the land with lots of oil to be produced or lots of rare earth to be exported against alien force's air and ground and water invasions initiated by corporate-politicians. And we pray for the downfall of those who build their profits on other people's misery, and those who led or lead or are about to lead the way for the allied foreign troops of corporate powers to occupy, colonize and enslave their own nations.

We believe the rule of an iron fist like US imposed at home and in the Middle East and in the West Asia will inevitably come to an end.

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Question on Iran Plot

Here are questions asked by Robert Dreyfuss at to Barack Obama, the war promoter and the peace prize receiver:

How did the United States assure itself that Arbabsiar’s contact, Gholam Shakuri, was, in fact, an officer in the highly secretive Quds Force? Why were they convinced that Arbabsiar’s cousin was, in fact, a ‘top general’ in that force? Who initiated contact between Arbabsiar and the supposed Mexican Mafioso who turned out to be an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Administration? Was it Arbabsiar or the DEA informant who initially proposed details of the alleged plot, which US officials say involved not only the Saudi ambassador, but the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington and Buenos Aires?

Here are some clues for the answer kindly provided by the same author:

Spy-watchers and intelligence analysts have almost universally pointed out that the ‘tradecraft,’ or spy know-how involved in the US account of the affair is laughably incompetent. Speaking in almost unguarded language over open phone lines between the United States and Iran, wiring very large, easily traced sums of cash into an unvetted (FBI-controlled) bank account, and hiring a notoriously volatile Mexican drug-trafficking mafia to do the deed are like loud sirens calling attention to the plot.

And the conspiracy’s alleged mastermind turns out to be a bungling, inept failed Iranian-American businessman in a Texas backwater. Twice married, and under a protection order against him filed by his first wife, Manssor Arbabsiar is a pot smoking, heavy drinker with a criminal record, a used car dealer who flunked out of college in Texas and who’s been described by acquaintances as ‘hopelessly unreliable.’

By the way, while Obama threatened to take any possible actions against Iran for an Iran-bron Amerain citizen's alleged killing plot against a Saudi citizen, what action is he going to take against himself for the confirmed killing without trial of American-born American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki under his direct instruction?

Barack Obama once again proves himself a man with two faces from dual backgrounds holding double standards.

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