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Human Need, Not Corporate Greed

21 October 2011

Late last month (September 2011), a group of people demonstrated on the steps of Burbank City Hall, calling on city officials to explore every avenue possible to stymie a Walmart near the Empire Center, reported by

This multinational corporation's business practices are the subjects of constant criticism from various sectors.

At home, Wal-Mart sees New York City as the last retail frontier to conquer; in the world, Wal-Mart views China as the biggest retail ground to occupy. It spreads its outlets like genetically engineered super weeds, on their path the vibrancy and variety are deleted, along with code of ethics.

In China's Chongqing, Walmart train stores have been repeatedly convicted of cheating consumers by mislabeling products and selling outdated goods. Reportedly, since 2006, the multinational corporation has been fined for breaking the local laws and regulations on 21 occasions.

There are growing voices in China demanding the government to do more to protect local consumers against business malpractice.

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OccupyTorontoers in Canada invited Mao Zedong, the greatest revolutionary of 20th century and the late Chinese leader, to share the camping ground with them at St. James Park in the chilly and dampen natural, economic and political climate of middle October after students, housewives and union activists protested in the front of the capital's financial hub.

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