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Magnificent Traditional Chinese Costume

1 October 2011

Each year three days before China's National Day festival, Chinese people celebrate the birthday anniversary of Confucius, which not only is a time to review China's cultural roots but an opportunity to display splendid Chinese costume that is characterized by body length flowing gown and a pair of a half meter wide sleeves.

On 28 September this year, the day Confucius was born 2562 year ago (Do you see the coincidence between Confucius and PRC indicated by number 2500?), a group of youth in Zhengding County (正定县), Hebei Province, dressed in the Ming Kingdom's costume while performing antiquated Six-Line Dance (六佾舞) before the earliest surviving Confucius memorial hall in China. (Photo credit to 牛琳 from 中新社)


Accompanied the dance was the long-established ritual music played on the conventional instruments made of eight materials including metal, stone, earthen, leather, horse hair, wooden, bottle gourd and bamboo that produced eight distinctive audio notes to correspond to eight different vibrations of information energy (chi) channeling through eight directions in the space. (Photo credit to 牛琳 from 中新社)


The traditional ceremonial dance was also performed by the artists wearing a ritual attire based on the Ming code at the sage's birthplace Qufu (曲阜) in Shandong Province. (Photo credit to 孔凡元 from 中新社)


When the dancers presented Great Accomplishment of Spring and Autumn Era they adopted a more archaic appeal closer to the fashion dating back to Confucius' time. (Photo credit to 孔凡元 from 中新社) 


The boys and girls in traditional flowing gowns attended the ritual commemorating their most famous and most respected townsman.


In Guangxi province in China's southwest, around ten thousand people joined an outdoor party celebrating Confucius' birthday in which some students in Ming Dynasty's police uniform performed Eight-Line Dance. (Photo credit to 周潇男)


In Gansu province in China's northwest, hundreds of Confucius followers in dignified traditional clothing ascended to a hilltop 2000m above sea level to observe a service commemorating their great cultural leader. (Photo credit to 杨艳敏)


To the college students in Xian, Shaaxi province, donning on traditional Chinese costume for Confucius memorial ceremony is more than a fashion statement. It is also an act to evoke the spirit of authentic Chinese civilization that has been badly distorted by the thick headed Manchurians with a culture based on shamanic fox-demon worship and willfully misinterprated by the blind followers of the Western religion and system.

It was explicitly explained by China's history observers of the past that "无礼乐不成中国,无章服便无华夏" - without observing unique Chinese ritual, music, prose and costume, Chinese civilization will lose its essential media to convey the essence.

Regretablly the traditional costume fans in today's China often put on clothes that look rather bizarre and awkward in shape and colour which are thus shunted by many. We often wonder why the designers can't be bothered to take a look at the more advanced garments of Ming Dynasty that are wonderfully and readily displayed on the opera stages of Qunqu (昆曲) and Yueju (越剧). (Photo credit to 张远)


Hopefully when these kids grow up, China's streetscape will be more commonly graced by elegant flowing dress as it was three centuries ago. (Photo credit to 郑智敏)

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Brooklyn Bridge Incident


On the 62th National Day, a troop of PLA marched through the Gate of Heavenly Peace and across the Bridge of Golden Steam down to the Tiananmen Square to raise the national flag in front of a freshly painted portrait of Mao Zedong, the founding father of PRC.

Qian Xuesen (钱学森), China's greatest scientist and the founding father of China's space program, once said:

"If we give up Mao Zedong Thought and a socialist system, China will be done."


As one of the world's best and most pioneering scientists, Qian Xuesen clearly knew better than most people in China that why it is important to hold the fundamental principles, who should represent the primary driving force of the nation and how the science, a newly developed and elegantly straightforward but less comprehensive investigation method, should be handled.

What Chinese Say

About People's Daily's Promotion of GMO:












转基因水稻“环境安全”的检测报告从未公布,凭什么证明其“安全性”?至于“食用安全”, 张启发团队明明于3年之内使用了10吨转基因水稻做动物毒理试验,却拿不出长期“多代”动物毒理试验报告,只能反复宣传仅进行了7天的“小鼠灌胃试验”安全结论,与俄罗斯科学家长达两年的三代仓鼠喂养转基因大豆毒理试验相比,简直如同儿戏.


反对转基因只会延缓我国生物育种产业的步伐,帮助国外大公司扩大垄断. 在转基因研究与开发这一国际科技竞赛中,转基因水稻是我国不可多得的代表性领先成果。
















2008年底,李真真课题组在北京市西城区某社区招聘了20名志愿者. 在由志愿者共同签字的“结论报告”中,有一段话耐人寻味: "由于迄今为止,科学研究没有提供有力的证据,证明转基因食品对人类健康的长期影响是否安全。因此,我们仍然对其潜在的、长期的影响心存担忧。我们基本相信科研机构和政府所提供的信息,也希望科技界和政府能够承担起相应的责任,诚实地公开相关信息。”



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