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Washington Occupy Freedom Plaza:
peace, justice and equality
History Is Knocking,
Will you answer the call?

8 October 2011

Here is a statement from Stop the Machine (

October 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan and the beginning of the 2012 federal austerity budget. It is time to light the spark that sets off a true democratic, nonviolent transition to a world in which people are freed to create just and sustainable solutions.

We call on people of conscience and courage—all who seek peace, economic justice, human rights and a healthy environment—to join together in Washington, D.C., beginning on Oct. 6, 2011, in nonviolent resistance similar to the Arab Spring and the Midwest awakening.

A concert, rally and protest will kick off a powerful and sustained nonviolent resistance to the corporate criminals that dominate our government.

This is a clarion call for all who are deeply concerned with injustice, militarism and environmental destruction to join in ending concentrated corporate power and taking direct control of a real participatory democracy. We will encourage a culture of resistance—using music, art, theater and direct nonviolent action—to take control of our country and our lives. It is about courageously resisting and stopping the corporate state from destroying not only our inherent rights and freedoms, but also our children’s chance to live, breathe clean air, drink pure water, grow edible natural food and live in peace.

Finally, we learned there is a secret panel within US federal government that can place American citizens on "kill list' without trial. It is reported by Reuters that there is no public record of the operations or decisions of the panel, which is a subset of the White House's National Security Council, with neither laws to establish its existence nor rules to guide its operation.

We find this piece of revelation is very interesting and exiting.

Those Chinese who want to copy everything that is America should take notice of this new development in US politics. One little tip: China's top wanted terrorist Rebiya Kadeer, who is responsible for the death of hundreds of Han Chinese in Urumqi the year before, has now slipped into Australia again and showed up at a conference held in Brisbane to make lies about Uyghur situation in China. Please place her in "kxxx list" and send someone with wonderful eyesight and superb finger skills down under.

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Q: Are the Manchu Eight Banner thugs who represent 2% of population in China are preparing to chop off the head of this Boxer fighting against foreign occupation of Chnese land?

A: New York police officers who represent 1% of population in America is preparing to take away the freedom from this occupant fighting against corporate occupation of American politics.

Q: American people are saying no to the occupation of America taking place since three weeks ago by the unarmed local protesters?

A: Afghan people are saying no to the occupation of Afghanistan  taking place since ten years ago by the armed foreign troops.

Q: What are the differences and similarities between Republican and Democratic presidents?

A: They came from parties with different names, and one is accused of war criminal while the other is honoured with peace prize, but all initiated imperial wars against the people in the Third World.

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