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A Chinese Railway Staff's Diary - 3 June 1953

8 October 2011

3 June 1953, Wednesday

Tinkling has been appointed to a position in Chengdu.

I stayed at home arranging my luggage, while kept thinking of Grace, wondering where she will be sent to. At about three clock in the afternoon, Chrysanthemum came to see me, and I was surprised to learn that Graze still hasn’t got any job offer yet. She’s rather anxious, we all feel the same. Among four of us, she’s the youngest, and it ought to be us to see her off, but now she will be the one left behind, while her family is not all supportive – in fact they strongly oppose her to leave Shanghai. We fear she may just give up, which will not only spoil her own future, and our country will also lose a good worker.

In the evening, Chrysanthemum and I went to Grace's home, but she was not there, so we visited our college instead and chatted with two teachers and some fellow students.

Phoenix (the housemaid - translator) is only a home-bound woman, but she is very strong and capable. Of all people in my life, she is the one who gives me the biggest help and the most inspiration. She made a skirt for me from scratch in just one hour – the speed she executed her task is something I should learn from.

1953 年6 月3 日星期三




凤娣 [家中女佣-译者注] 系家庭妇女,即坚强又能干,真让我钦佩。我感到她对我的帮助,特别是思想上的,比任何人都大。她花了一个小时左右就为我缝好了一条裙子,做事之迅速,值得我学习。

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