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Occupy Oakland Live Chat on Livestream (2)
(Sunday, 30 October 2011)

30 October 2011

11:18 AM seemseek:
i never realized how much police do not communicate with the public until OWS

11:18 AM peacenick1: 4u, I hope you are right. I really do
11:18 AM laurelight: Turn on, tune in, drop out.
11:18 AM Randompersonn: this is gonna be my dinner D:
11:18 AM laurelight: It was an old saying

11:18 AM goforitnow:
Yes that was then and this is now. Being responsable is a must if you are ever going to have anything. But dont over stretch the point. The point is there is a better tommorro with knowledgable people

11:18 AM peacenick1:
now it's Wake up, tune in and get active!

11:19 AM laurelight: Right on Peacenick!
11:19 AM peacenick1: yes with love and light and always always peacefully

11:19 AM Randompersonn:
trying a new recipe :D

11:19 AM laurelight:
Once you're awake, it's hard to go back to sleep

11:19 AM peacenick1: that's right laurel!
11:19 AM goforitnow: I loved it. Tube in and drop out. You can tune a guitar but you cant tunafish
11:20 AM subrosa: how to keep wall street occupied via the post for free
11:20 AM seemseek: when i was youngish, a young man rolled back into my car, when kissing his girlfriend, at a light..when i told police (minus the kissing part) sarcastically he said, "i didn't know we had hills"
11:20 AM 4u: Maybe NYC will win it for us

11:20 AM peacenick1:
I was so heartened to see how Oakland grew after the violent actions of the police

11:20 AM seemseek: i just thougt he was having a bad day
11:20 AM subrosa: hope t works?

11:20 AM laurelight:
Isn't there a concert in Central Park on Nov 11?

11:21 AM ResistNow:
@laurellight - just caught that - excellant

11:21 AM peacenick1:
This is far far better than woodstock

11:21 AM dontgiveup: subrosa, saw that video yesterday, LOVED it!! great idea, I'm doing it!!

11:21 AM 4u:
Is Oakland bigger now ?

11:21 AM goforitnow:
Yes more purpose and long term effects

11:21 AM peacenick1:
woodstock was a phenomena, but OWS has a much grander purpose

11:21 AM subrosa: it's a method for posting back for free all the crappy credit cards rubbish to wall street
11:21 AM peacenick1: Seems so 4u
11:22 AM subrosa: rubbish
11:22 AM 4u: Society can improve!
11:22 AM peacenick1: yeah I saw it and posted it on my fb
11:22 AM goforitnow: The truth is Woodstock was a big mud pit and was very hard
11:22 AM peacenick1: yes it can and it must improve
11:22 AM seemseek: woodstock was large for the technology available at the time
11:22 AM Randompersonn: Im headed off
11:22 AM laurelight: This is the evolution of the Woodstock generation -- and I'm proud of us
11:22 AM peacenick1: yes, I know some who were there...
11:22 AM subrosa: cos the more weight you add the more it will costs them
11:22 AM peacenick1: ok random, see you later!
1:24 AM 4u: Come Together Now !
11:25 AM peacenick1: ok pekitez, we'll see what we can find out...stay calm

11:25 AM pekitez:
wierd someone said they were destroying tents .

11:25 AM peacenick1:
pekitez until we can confirm please don't be alarmist

11:25 AM 4u: I didn' think I had it in me !
11:25 AM LIVEALOHA2: Hello Oakland
11:25 AM pekitez: OK just asking
11:25 AM laurelight: John Lennon, wish you were here
11:25 AM peacenick1: Aloha!
11:26 AM LIVEALOHA2: How's yer day going?
11:26 AM peacenick1: np pekit
11:26 AM goforitnow: Oh yeah! I think JohLennon is here
11:26 AM 4u: John u r here in spirit !

11:26 AM dontgiveup:
they can take all the freakin tents they want, we'll always be back!!

11:26 AM peacenick1: you know he is
11:26 AM LIVEALOHA2: Solidarity
11:26 AM peacenick1: that's right!

11:26 AM goforitnow:
Where are they taking tents?

11:26 AM peacenick1:
in some of the camps it's kind of a daily routine

11:27 AM subrosa: i like the sound of that dontgiveup

11:27 AM peacenick1:
they come take the tents and then they set up more

11:27 AM neverender83:
They dont seem to understand all these camp raids keep up the movements momentum, every night fuel seems to be added to the injustice fire

11:27 AM peacenick1: nowhere goforit
11:27 AM goforitnow: Ok

11:27 AM subrosa:
just keep gettting more tents

11:27 AM peacenick1: exactly neverender!
11:27 AM peacenick1: we had someone asking is all...
11:28 AM seemseek: imo they know exactly what they are doing

11:28 AM goforitnow:
3 years ago in St.Pete Florida the Police cut all the tents of the homless up with razor blades. Real BS

11:28 AM seemseek:
ask Why?

11:28 AM dontgiveup:
I don't understand some of the cops teenagers gotta be seeing whats going on on utube or some other means wonder what's going on in their houses??

11:28 AM pekitez: Thank you peacenick your awsome
11:28 AM peacenick1: geez
11:28 AM peacenick1: np pekit

11:28 AM 4u:
Ever since I was young I naturally hated injustice !

11:28 AM peacenick1:
just an fyi...if something is really going down, that we need to witness
这儿提个醒 ... 万一动手了,我们必须充当事件的见证人。

11:29 AM peacenick1:
there are people, mods, who come and tell us

11:29 AM neverender83:
Anyone have the sd feed link handy?

11:29 AM pekitez:
You guys are prety organized I take it

11:29 AM goforitnow:
There are 4800 people on the streets in Pinellas county alone. Thats a lot of people

11:29 AM peacenick1:
no but if you type in

11:29 AM peacenick1:
it might work

11:29 AM 4u:
World War 2 was much worse than this !

11:29 AM neverender83:
thx much

11:30 AM DuaneMX:

11:30 AM peacenick1:
I read that there are over 1.5 million homeless children in the US

11:30 AM peacenick1:
yeah that is a good one too Duane, thx
段恩给的网址不错, 谢了.

11:30 AM dontgiveup:
add 4 more to that number soon very soon!

11:30 AM DuaneMX:
Sorry for no info on the link. All LiveStreams

11:30 AM 4u:

11:30 AM peacenick1:
4 more?

11:30 AM goforitnow:
San Diego is offline

11:31 AM neverender83:
+1 for the Hadent found this site 顶.

11:31 AM peacenick1:
thx gofor

11:33 AM peacenick1:
here we are in the supposed greatest nation of the world and we can't even provide homes for the children

11:33 AM peacenick1:
lets not tread into the waters of politics though...
让我们还是不要把政治扯进来吧 ...

11:33 AM dontgiveup:
Amen to that very sad!!!

11:33 AM pekitez:
Occupy abandoned buildings

11:34 AM peacenick1:
We have squatters now...that used to only happen in Europe

11:34 AM pekitez:
If your getting foclosed on be a squatter in your home

11:34 AM goforitnow:
Man i really thought this president was going to do something seeing as he grewup on the streets. What a mockery of a travesty of a mockery

11:34 AM peacenick1:
Yes, some do that pekitez, some do

11:34 AM peacenick1:
gofor, but we don't talk politics here...k?

11:34 AM pekitez:
My neibor did for three years His lawyer told him to.

11:35 AM peacenick1:
I know is a fine line between stories of forclosure and talking about the pres...
我们说说银行没收房产没关系,谈论总统大人就 ...

11:35 AM dontgiveup:
it's ok we will prevail keep standing together all of us 99%

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New Bill Being Considered In Congress to Shut Down Social Media Sites Crucial To ‘Occupy’ Movement

White Hillary Clinton hailed it a major victory for the West when U.S. used twitter and facebook to orchestrate regime changes in the Mideast and East Europe, and demanded Chinese government to give CIA led anti-China cyber armies free access to Chinese online social network, U.S. government is considering to shut down its social media sites to stop further protests against the Wall Street and the government, according to the report by

In what would be a stunning disregard for First Amendment rights, rumours are swirling that the Republican controlled Congress is now considering a new bill that could blackout sites such as You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites that utilize content generated by users. Phones such as iPhone, Android, AmazonCloud, Pandora, Grooveshark and even your email accounts would be adversely affected.

This bill could also effectively silence the ‘Occupy’ movement that has swept the nation by killing information sharing. Most Americans currently get most of their news about ‘Occupy’ through social media. If social media sites were to shut down because of the bill, Americans would be less likely to see ‘Occupy’ footage and would thus be in the dark, forcing us all to rely on corporate owned media sources. This bill is dangerous and would be a major blow to constitutionally protected freedom of speech. This is nothing more than government sponsored censorship.

Readers comments on the news:

Phil on October 28, 2011 at 1:10 PM

Let them try. Every mis-step these twats take is another nail in their coffins!


John on October 27, 2011 at 11:36 PM

If your government shuts down the internet, shut down your government.


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