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Occupy Oakland Live Chat on Livestream (1)
(Sunday, 30 October 2011)

30 October 2011

11:10 AM
Welcome to the 'occupyoakland' room.

11:09 AM peacenick1: ty resit
11:09 AM ResistNow: Rather Wall Street NOT winning lol
11:09 AM Randompersonn: 04/20/1991 :D
11:09 AM ResistNow: yw
11:09 AM dontgiveup: lol
11:09 AM Randompersonn: Anyone got some eggs i can borrow D:
11:09 AM peacenick1: you ARE a younun random!
11:09 AM goforitnow: In 1970 i promised myself to never grow up. It came true. Im 54
11:10 AM peacenick1: youngun
11:10 AM Randompersonn: I'm a young father :D
11:10 AM dontgiveup: lol..
11:10 AM Randompersonn: I do okay I suppose.
11:10 AM 4u: What is happening live now ?
11:10 AM peacenick1: not live
11:11 AM blackberri: something is wrong with this video, keeps repeating itself

11:11 AM 4u:
Can you please tell me what is going on in Oakland now ?

11:11 AM peacenick1:
goforit, I never understood my friends who couldn't wait to grow up! I still play with Barbie dolls!

11:11 AM goforitnow:
I am really happy that Occupy is standing strong worldwide. I dont think it's going away this time.

11:11 AM Randompersonn: someoen stole my brownie thingy :/
11:11 AM peacenick1: oh it's just a loop that plays, blakberri, it's kind of random
11:11 AM dontgiveup: neighbors 80+ oh well
11:12 AM 4u: dontgiveup
11:12 AM Randompersonn: :/
11:12 AM peacenick1: We usually don't pay much attention to the vid till it goes live, unless it's something that we haven't seen
11:12 AM Randompersonn: I'm about to give up on these brownies
11:12 AM peacenick1: what? you have brownies and you aren't sharing?
11:12 AM goforitnow: There is absolutlry nothing wrong with maintaining your youth and keeping the things that give you great memories alive. I still have all of my Vinyl albums from the 60's and 70's
11:12 AM peacenick1: that's great!
11:12 AM Randompersonn: I'm about to make some
11:13 AM Randompersonn: I found the pan :/ its filled with cupcakes
11:13 AM Randompersonn: I make some pumpkin rum cupcakes last week
11:13 AM goforitnow: But i could use a few Barbie Dolls

11:13 AM 4u:
I know this isn' live, but want to know what is actually happening now!

11:13 AM peacenick1:
You know what else is great? The fact that my generation got to see some social changes happen already

1:14 AM goforitnow:
Yeah Peacenick without the computer and social nmedia i think we would all be screwed with no knowkedge of what has been going on'

11:14 AM peacenick1:
I've seen a lot in my life, but nothing compares to this.

11:14 AM peacenick1:
I can't see how it can fail.

11:15 AM peacenick1:
You know the peace movement in the 60's, and even the civil rights movement started small

11:15 AM 4u: iPod & iPad

11:15 AM peacenick1:
with little media attention

11:15 AM peacenick1:
until the violence started

11:15 AM peacenick1:
the media spun it just like they are now

11:15 AM pekitez:
I heard they are destroying tents right now is this true

11:15 AM Angel7777:
so the goal is to never grow up, live in the past, do drugs and never take any responsibility for anything? no wonder the numbers are falling

11:15 AM peacenick1:
but eventually they came around

11:15 AM subrosa:
fox news corps outside live news ticker hacked with an important message

11:16 AM peacenick1:
we don't talk about drugs here Angel, and pekit, we don't start rumors

11:16 AM 4u:
then in 1973 it started to work

11:16 AM goforitnow:
Well Vietnam and the protests back in the 70's were good but then they gave us LSD and we all faded away. This GOV is very,very smart and knows how to make us dissapear if they want to.

11:16 AM laurelight:
Peace will eventually triumph.

11:16 AM subrosa: with an import
11:16 AM subrosa: ant message
11:16 AM subrosa: sorry bout the typing
11:16 AM subrosa: going a mile a minute
11:17 AM laurelight: calm down, breathe

11:17 AM 4u:
The future will be very peaceful because of us !

11:17 AM peacenick1:
not everybody did drugs...but we must refrain from speaking of drugs on the chat...puts us in dangerous territory
那时也不是所有的人都吸毒 ... 让我们别再提吸毒的事了吧 ... 这会把我们的运动带上邪路。

11:17 AM subrosa: also got a really funnny one that should make you laugh
11:17 AM Randompersonn: Time to start bakikng!
11:17 AM subrosa: will postin a min
11:17 AM peacenick1: only if you share, random

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Fox news corps' live news ticker was allegedly hacked with a message that condemns Fox News as the tool of the 1%

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