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Occupy America
Robin Hood in Action

26 October 2011

Eight years ago, on 15 February 2003, 15 million Robin Hoods in sixty countries marched together to stop Prince B. John from robbing Iraq's oil by invading the country.

The prince disguised himself as a personal secretary to God and declared it was Him who decided to prohibit Americans to go to Heaven by making them richer.

The prince's army carried the day and stole from the poor Iraqis to give to the rich oil companies.

Eight years later, Prince O. John is planning to send more armies to steal more resources from Libya and Iran to give to the richer US corporations.

Thus on 29 October 2011, Robin Hoods will once again raise in action.

But according to the latest intelligence, this time the prince is disguising himself as Robin Hood.

Will the prince carry the day again?

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Chinese Attitudes towards OWS

Who are the OccupyWallStreeters:

A survey has been recently conducted on the profile of the US Occupiers, and the following are the main conclusions posted on


One in three is over 35 and one in five is over 45.

Racial/Ethnic background:

81.3% of respondents consider themselves White.


62.4% received post-graduate education, 35% have a college degree.


70% of respondents have jobs. 50.4% work full time. Only 13.1% are unemployed.


47.5% of the sample earns less than $24,999 dollars a year.


70.3%, regard themselves Independents, supporting neither parties.

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