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How Manchu Collaborated with the Eight Power Allied Forces against Chinese

5 October 2011

In the turn of the 20th Century, China was a failed state with the 98 percent of the population lived under the tyranny of the 2 percent of people originally smuggled into the Middle Kingdom of Ming from elsewhere. Yes, these two percent was known as Manchu who readily traded Chinese interest with the foreign powers for keeping their barbaric tribe rule over China. Thus when China was invaded by the Eight Power Allied Forces, they made no effect to defend the country but fled the capital and left it to be bombed, burned and looted.

This was the Lugou Bridge area in the outskirts of Beijing after the capital was captured by the Western crusaders.

This was Beijing's commercial centre the Front Gate (前门) around the Dashanlan Street (大栅栏) after being damaged by heavy shell and rifle fires from the allied forces.

This was the Forbidden City, initially built by Ming emperors and later occupied by Manchu squatters who allowed the biggest palace in the world to become the grazing ground for the battle horses of the Western troops.

This was a house of Chinese peasants who rose with tens of thousands of ordinary Chinese people from Shandong, Beijing and Tianjin to resist Christian missionaries from the West and their local collaborators in their crusade war against Chinese civilization. But they were slaughtered in huge numbers by the foreign armies at their own homes, often with the entire population in their villages.

On this photo the crusader proudly noted: This house was full of Boxers, and was "cleared" by one sergeant RMILI. who killed 27 of them single-handedly.

Guess what Manchu rulers did after their "Chinese subjects" were massacred and their capital was sacked by the Christian crusaders? They crooked their spineless backs and covered with fisherman's bamboo-cap-style hats to send a banner to the foreign troops and wished the murderers a long life with many sons in their families (祝效华封).

The Manchu officials hang the banner on the front gate to the headquarters of the allied foreign forces.

The representative of the Manchu court fell upon his knees with his head and limbs humbly touching the dirt before the commander of the foreign troops that just committed fresh atrocities against Chinese people. The Manchu court promised to behead all Chinese resistance fighters in captive as requested by the foreign powers.

And they did as they promised. The fat assed Manchus were preparing to chop off the head of this Boxing hero. When it came to killing native Chinese people, Manchus never bothered to find an excuse - they didn't get one when they looted cattle and possessions of the Chinese residents in the northeast regions, didn't get one when they invaded the entire China, and didn't get one when they decided to help the Western crusaders to "clear" Chinese population in order to remain in power.

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Arise, You Who Refuse to Be Slaves!

The March of Anti-Machu Resist Japanese Volunteers

Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves!
Let us build our new great wall
with our blood and flesh.
The Chinese nation faces the moment of life or death,
Each of us is compelled to let out an urgent utterance:
Arise! Arise! Arise!
Millions are united as one,
Braving the enemy's fire, we march on!
March on! March on! March on! On!


冒着敌人的炮火, 前进!

Lyrics: Tian Han (田汉)
Melody: Nie Er (聂耳)
Singer: Paul Robeson

This is a Chinese anthem initially titled The March of Anti-Manchurians Resist-Japanese Volunteers (反满抗日义勇军进行曲) sung by Paul Robeson (1898——1976), the great African-American audio artist, civil rights and peace activist.

Born as the son of a runaway black slave, Robeson rose to prominence in a time when segregation was legal in America, especially in the South. Throughout his life, he advocated freedom and equality among all mankind everywhere in the world.

To Chinese, Robeson is more than a Grammy-winning singer and a Hollywood star, but a dear friend who offered his vocal help to Chinese people's resistance war against the Japanese, who was one of the Eight Power Allied Forces that conquered Beijing in 1900 and invaded China again during the 1930s and 1940s, and Manchu elites who collaborated with Japanese.




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