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Chinese Attitudes towards OWS

26 October 2011

While majority of Chinese people, especially the left leaning intellectuals and workers, sympathize with America's 99%, China's right-wing elites, "democracy activists" and "freedom fighters" stand by the 1% rich and powerful to slam and mock the OWS movement.

Chen Zhiwu (陈志武), a Chinese born American working as tenured professor of financial economics at Yale University School of Management, laughed at the protesters and said they will eventually shoot their own foot by going against Wall Street, because it is Wall Street's capital that keeps Americans employed. (作为经济学家,我是觉得他们自己搬起石头砸自己的脚,这些去游行示威抗议的人,和他们的盟友,他们的支持者以后要找工作的时候谁来给他们提供工作。)

An extreme-right Chinese magazine, that was the only media President Obama wished to visit when he was in China last year, published an article written by a man called Yuan Xiaoming (袁晓明) - self-identified as a senior financial advisor at an U.S. firm (旅美金融高级咨询顾问) - denouncing the protesters as a bunch of losers who just hate the rich people and saying they stay in the park only for the sake of getting free meals.


While on the other hand, groups of elderly Chinese workers gathered at King Zhou Square in Luoyang, ancient capital city of 13 dynasties, including the Han and Tang (4 major Chinese dynasties since the unification of China by the First Emperor Qin 2200 years ago, namely Han, Tang, Song and Ming), in Henan Province, demonstrating their solidarity with the 99% of working class people in the Untied Stares of America.

One demonstrator held high a sign that has an image of Anglo Jacob financial empire in the middle with the Chinese notes at the top left read "stop their monopoly practice!", while the phrase on the right signifies "you are here, open your eyes to take a look", and the one down the bottom says "poorer people will be poorer and riches will be richer."


This Chinese grandpa raised another sign written on a piece of newspaper: "It is immoral to make profit on other people's misery!"


Another message: "We belong to the 99% who can remain silent no more!!"


The gathering site with PRC's founding father Mao Zedong's portrait on a rock in the centre and a long banner that proclaims "Firmly support American people's great OccupyWallStreet".

(credit: 神州泪掩面 -

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