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Why the 1% in the U.S. Cannot Not Go to War?

26 October 2011

Here are some clues provided by a Chinese writer 龙天霸:

America is the most robust country in the world, but also the most vulnerable, because it is a state without root and without soul - It lacks a shared cultural heritage and a collective national spirit to hold people together. What attract migrants to the land of the United States are the tale of abundant material wealth and the myth about a liberated lifestyle.

However, the reality is quite different.

Today's America is fast racing towards a police state with the most stringent Internet/phone surveillance measures implemented, and the US citizens can be targeted for state sponsored assassination without due process of law. (中国的法律独裁党,尤其是美国线人台独贺,应该泪谏法律版权国坚持程序正义,给中国等法律抄袭国做个遵纪守法的榜样。). Reportedly the U.S. government-mandated Internet filtering list grows 100 times from the initial 3,000 words to 300,000 now.

When the material wealth is concerned, 1% Americans own 25% of nation's wealth, with merely 2.5% to distribute among 60% of people. Further, more than half of American populations are in a debt trap one way or another, thanks to the numerous financial management packages created by the Wall Street, which means over 50% of US citizens are the victims of institutionalised financial robbery.

The root of the problem not just lies in Wall Street. Washington's financial management system is also the most irrational in the world.

Other countries plan their financial budget according to the revenue, but in US, it is according to the budget to raise the fund (i.e. borrow the money), while the annual revenue is only used to pay the old debts. From the day one when the Federal Reserve Banks opened for business in November 1914, the US government has been placed under the mercy of the financial institution.

A government like this, no matter how impressive and intimidating it can manage to look like before small nations, deep down, is nothing more than a paid henchman of big banks, which is why the Prime Minister of a tiny country like Israel would dare to scold US president Obama in the front of the world community.   

If you look more closely at the US budget, you'll find it is even more weird. The Congress received a few billion, the figures for both the Department of State and CIA are several ten billions, while defence expense is at a massive 800 billion. Do you know why US Congressmen habitually utter foolish or outrageous comments, often at the expense of national interest? Because they have no choice; they are paid by other forces than US taxpayers.

The structure of the US defence force is based on the model that places the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the leadership of the Department of Deafens. While the JCS is a body consisting of senior combatant commands, DOD head is a civil officer, normally a politician appointed along party lines. Since both Republican and Democrat survive on the donations from big business and wealthy lobby groups, and since the most big companies are multinationals, the real drive for US government to initiate wars against the Third World can't be anything else but to serve corporations' business objectives which sometimes are in the conflict with the US interest. Global capital has no loyalty to nation states or its citizens, let along the capital that is mainly controlled by people newly migrated from elsewhere.

As the US wars are chiefly profit driven, understandably, the more money spent by the army, the more profit generated for the business, and the more donations/rebates to the government.

Take F22. They are expensive like hell and full of defects, but DOD ordered hundreds.

Take US troops. It is a common scene that the soldiers fled the battle field on foot and left a large amount of military vehicles to the hand of the enemy forces. It was the case during the Korean War, during the Vietnam War, and it is still the case in Iraq and Afghanistan, because there are plenty vehicles purchased by the department and stored in warehouse waiting to be utilized before rust away.

The following is a partial list of US companies that profited from the Iraqi War (unit: million):

Parsons Corp. Iraq $5,286
Washington Group International Iraq $3,133
Shaw Group/Shaw E & I Iraq $3,050
Perini Corporation Iraq $2,525
Tetra Tech Inc. Iraq $1,541
USA Environmental Inc. Iraq $1,541
Odebrect-Austin Iraq $1,500
Zapata Engineering Iraq $1,478
Stanley Baker Hill L.L.C. Iraq $1,200
Research Triangle Institute Iraq $466
Titan Corporation Iraq $402
Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.) Iraq $173
Science Applications International Corp. Iraq $159
Vinnell Corporation (Northrop Grumman) Iraq $48
Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group Iraq $43
SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA) Inc. Iraq $27
Weston Solutions, Inc. Iraq $16
Stevedoring Services of America Iraq $14
Raytheon Technical Services Iraq $12
Ronco Consulting Corporation Iraq $12
Stanley Consultants Iraq $7
TECO Ocean Shipping Co. Iraq $7
Ocean Bulkships Inc. Iraq $5
S&K Technologies Inc. Iraq $4.9
Signature Science Iraq $4.7
United Defense Industries, L.P. Iraq $4.5
Simmonds Precision Products Iraq $4,4
Sealift Inc. Iraq $4
SETA Corporation Iraq $3
Stratex Freedom Services Afghanistan $2
Structural Engineers Iraq $1
Red River Computer Company Iraq $1

(More at,,,

When the civil officers are so generous in defence spending, the military officers on the ground have their own creative ways to squander military funds.

For instance, if a job can be done with one missile, they fire five; if there are no enemies around, civilians will be targeted as enemy combatants; if opponents have been wiped out, they would equip and train militant organizations and turn them into enemies. These are the sure ways for the generals and commanders to hang on to the prosperous and glorious military ranks.

All these have explained why US can not live without war, and why Obama-Clinton government is so keen on starting new wars in Middle East when the old wars are yet to conclude. They are no less warmongers than their Republican predecessors. Because, again, they have no choice.

The problem lies in the fundamental US political system.

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What Chinese Say

曾经轻狂的马甲 (

Where is alleged Separation of Powers? All I see is ONE supreme power: the power of US Reserve Bank to print money. Dare US government, the army, the Congress not to adhere to the Reserve Bank's order?

In US power triangle, there is never a place for grassroots people, because the US system is designed not based on humanity but on money .



湘楚汉 (

America's power has now peaked but its core of civilization is still yet to form, the consequence is deadly.


On Gaddafi's Death

雨夹雪 (









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