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Let's Get in on the Ground of Broken Promises (1)

21 October 2011

Without putting a single U.S. service member on the ground, Wall Street has achieved their objective, and the mission of confiscating the wealth from 99% of American people will soon come to an end. Today we can definitely say with doubt no more that Washington is the world's one of the longest-serving corporate sheriff.

The following are just few real human stories from the thousands posted on They are the 99% people in America whom Gary Locke and his family certainly do not represent, because what they have been promised is not American dream but American nightmare:


I am a teacher.
I am well educated.

I have been accused by government officials that what I teach is a form of propaganda.

I Have 26k left in student loans.
I am lucky to be loved, have a home and be able to speak my mind.

I AM THE 99%.





I am a freshman at an in-state university.

I am working towards my teacher certification.

By the end of this school year, I will be around $20,000 in debt, mostly to the government. And I will still be a teenager.

I already want to drop out, because what is the point of college if it won’t get you a job, just a lifetime of debt?

I am the 99%



I am a 28 year old mother and $50,000 in debt from student loans. I had to drop out of college when the gov’t decided I made too much money serving coffee to qualify for grants.

I am raising my infant in my in-laws living room. I lay awake at night fearful that I brought a child into a loveless, money hungry world.

I am not a “consumer”, a “tax payer”, a “voter”, a “demographic”. I am an American citizen. I am the 99%.




I am a college professor increasingly frustrated by the incredible debt I see my students taking on.

Rather than spending their time learning how to creatively solve the problems of the future, their debt forces them to think of education narrowly in terms of “what they can do with it after they graduate.”

Education was once considered a public good and not a private investment.

Education was once considered to be for the 99%.






I am a 50 yr old owner of a Local Moving Co. My business has dropped 75% since 2008. I have sole custody of an 11 year old daughter. I declared bankruptcy in Feb 2011.

I have Skin Cancer but no Health Insurance and can’t afford surgery.

I have lost my house to foreclosure and now can barely afford rent !

I started my business in 1991 and had savings, Investment Property, and a Retirement fund.

All is Lost !

I am the 99% !






I’m 20 years old and I’m the 99%!

I dropped out of school when i was sixteen

I haven’t gone back because i cant afford to pay for a g.e.d test

I don’t have a job and iv been unemployed for 4 months

Before that i was working minimum wage maybe two days a week

My dad lost his job working for Mobile 4 years ago

He was making more than enough for us to live on

Now he works minimum wage at McDonalds

My mom was a stay at home mom

Now she works her ass off making 10 dollars an hour

And thats not enough to pay the bills








I'm 15. I don't know if I can afford to go to college because of rising tuition. I don't know if I will have a job when I'm older. My future is in jepardy.




I am 24 years old, $50,000 in debt from grad school, and I can’t afford to move out of my parent’s house. I am the 99%.



I have been working since I was 14. Paid taxes like everyone else. Went to school because you “needed” a degree to get a job. Graduated with a Bachelor’s but could not find a teaching job. Went abroad for 2.5 years to teach. I have come home to a nightmare in the USA. I can’t support myself financially (student loans and credit cards) and will have no health insurance next year which is less than 3 months away. What American Dream? *I am grateful for my parents, who are also part of the 99%.


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Walmart Greed


Today Belongs to the People of Occupiers. This Is a Moment for Them!

Wall Street = War Street? Washington = Washington?

Be ware, War Street is making Wars hinton to make another war in the Middle East in the middle of the global protest against War Street!

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