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How the US 1% Respond
to the Demand of the US 99%

8 October 2011

This is a bold sign on the window of a corporate organization in Chicago
(Credit: OccupyChicago)

Do you have any idea how unevenly the US cake is distributed among its citizens? Here are some clues provided by

1% Owns 440% Of The Nation’s Wealth:

1% Take Home 24% Of National Income:

1% Are Taking In More Of The Nation’s Income Than At Any Other Time Since The 1920s:

Case study:

The Goldman Sachs Group Inc, an America's leading financial institution engaging in global investment banking, securities, and investment management primarily with institutional clients, is an organization run by American Jews only with its headquarters at 200 West Street in the Lower Manhattan area of New York City. It's former employees include Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson who served as United States Secretary of the Treasury under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, respectively.

Some say Goldman Sachs is #1 Obama's political donor, humm, we don't know about that, but we do believe it shall among the biggest donors to US political parties, whether it is Republican or Democrat. Without these financial institutions' generous contribution, US government could be shut down 99% of the days in a year.

Hence when we read the following news, we think and are so mean who made unnecessary fuss over Goldman's regular business practice:

Goldman Sachs takes $12B Bailout from US government, and hands out $14B Bonuses to its staff.

So what? It is an investment bank, and it has never falsely pretended to be a charity organization like Bill Gates does. Honesty is a virtue.

Thus these 1% openly tell the 99% how proud they are:

This video posted by StephenHannardADGUK shows unidentified occupants watching protests from the balconies of Wall Street in amusement while sipping champagne.

How the US Police Responds to the US 99%

US President Obama on Saturday declared that the U.S. mission in Libya is succeeding and already saved "countless" of lives, but added the country cannot intervene every time there is a crisis somewhere in the world.

Oh, well, may be. The military intervention is too expensive and further operation can see more than 99% of Americans worse off than they have already been. But we believe Wall Street isn't too far from Pentagon, just a little more than over 200 miles away, so we urge President Obama do send US army to air strike the New York Police Force in order to save countless lives.

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Q: Has Obama-Clinton government created any job?

A: Heaps. It's created tens of thousands of occupations in over 70 US cities in just three weeks.

Q: Is this US student urging American troops to occupy Wangfujin Avenue and Tiananmen Square to help clear the bribery and corruption in Chinese system as China's elite democracy activists like Liu Xiaobo and Ai Weiwei requested?

A: This US student is urging American people to occupy Wall Street and Freedom Plaza to help clear the bribery and corruption in American system as America's mass democracy activists like OccupyWallStree and StopTheMachine requested.

Q: What is the American dream?

Q: What is the American reality?

Q: How far America from true
Very distant!

Q: What should Chinese learn from OccupyWallStreet and StopTheMachine?
Keep a distance from the US system


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