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Rabbit Year Rejects GM Food

4 January 2011

On the final day of China’s new year holiday, a group of activists appeared on the streets of Xidan (西单) in downtown Beijing. Each of them wore a mask with the phrase “anti-gm” printed on. The one led the procession was a human sized rabbit (or a rabbit-look human) with her mouth wide open, her teeth fully exposed, her eyes never blinking and her hairdo in tender pink colour. Holding in front of her chest was a green plate card with message read “From Year of Rabbit, Reject the GM Food”.

Although China’s Agriculture Ministry declared that so far no permission has been granted to commercial plantation of GM rice with seeds imported from overseas, and has never allocated any farmland for such experiment, but a number of Chinese GM biologists - who are rather irresponsible or are very responsible but for US interest only, such as Monsanto’s business affiliate Zhang Qifa at Huazhong Agriculture University in Wuhan - have already helped their seeds to be "leaked" to various provinces for commercial production, while in the areas where GM corns with seeds from America's Dupont have been planted in a large scale for years, abnormal signs in animals are reported, consistent with the findings made by overseas researchers.

What truly alarmingly is that the special interest groups within Chinese community and the GM companies from USA had previously successfully lobbied the government to allow the GM food to be sold without special labeling, which included some baby formulas. No one knows over the years how many Chinese people have been unknowingly used as guinea pigs by US multinational and their Chinese collaborators and what the long term implications will be for China.

Anti-GM rice movement in Luoyang, the capital city of Henan that is China's most populous and a major agriculture province. The slogan on the banner reads "Zhang Qifa helps USA on Its Bio War against Chinese Nation".

Anti-GM food movement in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong that is one of the most economically advanced regions in China. The message on the banner reads "Take Care of Your Health, Keep Away from GM food."


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抽哈儿扁哈孙 (

The unsuspecting American Indians were intentionally infected with smallpox and flu by the White colonists. Over the dead bodies of some 80 to 200 million natives a “democratic” and “free” America is built, and on the tombstone of the disappeared race there inscribed two shinning words: "Human Rights".




With the matters concerning GM food and children's vaccination that involve almost entire population and affect our future generation, who he willfully leads the way for the multinationals to bring the risks on the nation is a criminal of high treason and should deserve a capital punishment.

What shows here is one of numerous ads appeared on Chinese streets promoting GM crop seeds imported from USA. America's government sponsored GM multinationals are staging a full blown war aiming at taking over the entire Chinese agricultural industry.

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