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China's Giant Helicopter Successfully Landed on Himalayan plateau

17 January 2011

There were numerous memorable moments during the deadly earthquake that hit China's Sichuan Province in 2008, and one of such moments was when PLA's helicopters took a huge risk to build a lifeline for the victims trapped in the disaster areas. Those aircrafts were all imported from overseas, with one exception, and their ceiling height are all below 4,300m at full load, which is not adequate for flying over high latitude mountainous regions.

It was a problem, clearly.

But two years later on September 18, 2010, the 79th anniversary of Japanese invasion of China, AC313, a giant helicopter developed by Chinese, successfully landed on Himalayan plateau.

It is a monumental breakthrough for China's aviation industry.

Equipped with three Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6B-67A engines and an integrated digital avionics system, it can fly in difficult mountain conditions and has a maximum take off weight of 13 tons with a space to accommodate 27 passengers, which is ideal for carrying out various rescue and relief operations in China's western provinces.

(Source of photos: 新华网)

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