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Time to Take Action Against Shi-min Fang Is Overdue (4)

8 January 2011

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The following statements by Fang's foundation demonstrate how the funds contributed by American taxpayers are used by Shi-min Fang and his online terrorist gang, thanks to the U.S. government agency:


Announcement #1

November 28, 2006

The Organization for Scientific & Academic Integrity in China, Inc received the applications for financial assistance lodged by Shi-min Fang and P. Jian (a journalist in Beijing):

1) Defamation Lawsuit filed by Xiao Chuanguo against Beijing Youth Daily and Shi-min Fang. Nominated amount of assistance: ¥26,196.30.

2) Defamation Lawsuit filed by Xiao Chuanguo against Xiehe Medical College Publisher and Shi-min Fang. Nominated amount of assistance: ¥11,996.90.

The funding is intended to help pay the fees charged for the lawyer's services and to cover the related trivial expenses.

The full amount of financial assistance requested is granted.








Announcement #2

June 7, 200

The Organization for Scientific & Academic Integrity in China, Inc received the application for financial assistance lodged by Deng ZX on behalf of Shi-min Fang’s website and Rao Y 【A Dr Xiao’s professional competitor - Admin】:

Project: Defamation Lawsuit filed by Xiao Chuanguo at a New York court against Rao Yi, Shi-min Fang and Fang’s website.

Purpose of the fund: payment for legal services

Total amount: US$22,200 【Fang and Rao lost court case and were ordered by the NY court to compensate Dr Xiao for damage of his professional reputation - Admin】:

The full amount of financial assistance requested is granted.



* 资助项目:肖传国诉饶毅、方是民及新语丝中华文化社: 南纽约联邦法庭CV 06 6438)
* 资助用途:支付律师费用
* 资助金额:律师费用两笔各5,000美元,相关手续费用1,200美元,总金额合计11,200美元。



Announcement #3

November 16, 2009

The Organization for Scientific & Academic Integrity in China, Inc received the application for financial assistance lodged by P Jian (a journalist in Beijing) on behalf of some patients of Xiao Procedure.

Project: Carrying out class action at the national level against Shenyuan Hospital

Purpose of funding: pay for legal fees, investigation costs and travel expenses for Peng to meet and talk to Dr. Xiao’s patients

Amount requested: ¥3,000 for each of 40 patients participated in the court actions against the hospital, including ¥300 reward for speaking to Peng, and ¥700 travel allowance to Beijing.

The full amount of financial assistance totaling at ¥120,000 is granted.



* 资助项目:“肖氏手术”受害者诉郑州神源泌尿外科医院虚假宣传纠纷共同诉讼案
* 资助用途:法院案件受理费,调查取证费用和办案差旅费(无律师代理费)。
* 资助金额:每位当事人平均案件受理费人民币2000元,每位当事人平均调查取证费用300元,每位当事人平均办案差旅费700元,共40人,总金额合计人民币120,000元。



Online comments on the revelation of Fang's financial supporting force behind:

RealMuLan (

Thieves yelling catching thieves! Many people have asked Jerk Fang X X where his money coming from? He claims his money is from the profit of his patent, whatever that is! But he is lying big time! His company is funded by the U.S. gov. and the U.S. national security agencies!! Are there any Chinese who still have an oz of brain left would believe the U.S. really wants to help Fang X X fighting academic cheating within China??? LOL.

What influence would this case [fabricated assault charge against Dr. Xiao - Admin] have to other outstanding Chinese scholars in the U.S. who would like to return to China, contributing their shares to China??? Think about it yourself!

JERK Fang persecutes Chinese scholars within China, but takes money from the U.S. Don't you feel this is TOO funny???

中间最高 (




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Terms of Bio-medical Science


A simple test to find out if Shi-min Fang is really a bio-medicial scientist, as so claimed by him.


Please determine if the following definitions of the bio-medical terms are correct:


Antibody: against everybody

抗体: 对抗集体

Diagnosis: person with slanted nose


Bacteria: back door to a cafeteria

细菌: 细小的菌菇

Subcutaneous: not cute enough


Microbes: small dressing gowns


Rupture: ecstasy

脱肠: 孤身脱险、柔肠寸断 (翠平?)

Menopause: Men don't wait


Cat Scan: searching for lost kitty

电脑断层扫描: 清洗修补破电脑

Red Blood Count: a vampire's math lesson


Labor Pain: hurt at work


False Labor: pretending to work


鉴于皇家读者方渗人英语写作能力渗人,以下数题请诸位帮助代为解答, 谢谢:

Obesity: city of Obe

Artery: the study of fine paintings

Tablet: small table

Coma: Punctuation mark

Cardiology: advance study of poker playing

Hymen: greeting to several males

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