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China's Commune Villages Today
Divided We Fall; United We Stand Tall
Huaxi Village

21 January 2011

Quote by the Huaxi villagers:


One man gets rich doesn't count for much, only when the whole village gets rich we start to become wealthy; one village gets rich still doesn't mean much, only when the entire nation gets rich we are truly wealthy.

A commune structure is a revolutionary creation initiated by Mao Zedong and Chinese Communist Party, which had transformed a thousands year-old Chinese rural system into a foundation for common wealth and rural modernisation.

As the result, they have nurtured a better community, not only in material sense, but also in spiritual realm. It is a place that at night you don’t need to shut your doors when sleep, and it is a place with zero crime rate.

Chinese have every right to choose a system that is best for themselves, not best for someone else, and any foreign politicians who demand Chinese to waive this right through congress bills or gunboat diplomacy are the worst anti-democracy and anti-human rights offenders and shall go down in history as the international dictators and tyrants.

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