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The True Face of Dr Zachary Burton's Student

10 September 2010

Dr. Zachary Burton, a professor at the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in Michigan State University, is known to have a student originally from China named Shi-min Fang.

A few days ago Chinese immunologist Dr. Wang Yuedan from Beijing University questioned the blanket measles vaccination decision made by China’s Health Department under the pressure of WHO. As an expert in the field and the father to a 3-year-old child who is required to be vaccinated this time, Dr. Wang is surely entitled to ask questions if he has any doubts in his mind.

However, Shi-min Fang - who has never worked in a professional field related to immunization or vaccination; in fact, he has never worked in any professional field; and in fact, he has never held a proper job either in America or in China ever since he received his PhD from Michigan University after having his thesis published as an advertisement - jumped out publicly urging Chinese government to prosecute Dr. Wang for the crime of challenging the vaccination decision.

Professor Zachary Burton told the media quite recently, after Fang was allegedly hit by someone armed with hammer, that he kept in close contact with his former student now living in Beijing and he supported him to act as a watchdog to keep Chinese scientists in check. Now Shi-min Fang has openly displayed a mentality that is clearly against the scientific spirit and basic human rights, it would be interesting to know what Professor Burton would think of his former student by now.

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