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Protect the Diaoyu Islands

12 September 2010

Seven members from the Hong Kong Protect Diaoyu Islands Movement Committee on September 10 arrived in the Taiwan Province, from where they planned to take a boat to the Islands, reported Taiwan official media Zhongyangshe. They say they're prepared to be detained by Japanese Navy, which they believe will become a good opportunity to draw global attention to what Japanese army has done to Chinese fishermen in Chinese maritime territory.

On September 7, Japanese abducted the captain of a Chinese fishing trawler that collided with a Japanese Coast Guard vessel illegally patrolling around Diaoyu Islands that China maintains to be its territory according to various Chinese official records entered since ancient time. The aging grandmother of the captain died of distress when hearing the news that her grandson might be brought to Japan and thrown into a Japanese prison for ten years.

Chinese government has declared to postpone the East China Sea negotiation with Japan after boat seizure, but there is mounting pressure across China's cyber space demanding the talk to be trashed all together. "Never negotiate with invaders, whoever they might be. A resistance war is the best answer to the warmongers!" they say.


Hong Kong Diaoyu Islands protection activists of 1970s holding a portrait of Sun Zhongshan, one of the greatest national heroes in Chinese history who led Chinese people threw off the Manchu rulers who, after the defeat of Sino-Japan war on the Yellow Sea in 1894, bowed to Japanese pressure and allowed the Diaoyu Islands to be occupied by Japan.

Hong Kong Islands protectors released Lantern of Zhuge Liang (孔明灯) into the waters of Diaoyu Islands, wishing the spirit of the great military strategist would help defending the Chinese territory.

1996, Chan Yuxiang (陈毓祥) from Hong Kong jumped into the sea to reach the Diaoyu Island illegally occupied by Japanese Army ...

But Mr Chan was drowned before reached his destination, and his body was covered with a Chinese national flag when returning to Hong Kong.

Chan's death did not deter the activities from reclaiming the sovereignty of Diaoyu Islands.

Entering 21st century, a new generation of Diaoyu Islands protectors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland are on the move.

In 2004, a group of Chinese from the mainland and Taiwan successfully raised the flags on the Diaoyu Islands.

September 2010, after learned the news of Captain Zhan's abduction by Japanese army, a vessel from Taiwan made an expeditionary trip to Diaoyu Island to assert claims of sovereignty.

In Taiwan, protesters burned Japanese flag...

And demand the Japanese military force get out of the Diaoyu Islands.

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The tablet of China's Non-governmental Association for Diaoyu Islands Protection.

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