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True Democracy:
Mass Democracy,
Grassroots Democracy

5 September 2010

On the 65th anniversary of Chinese victory over Japanese invasion in the WWII, Professor Zhang Hongliang (张宏良) from a university in Beijing called to reflect on the lessons of the past and to stay vigilant for the current threats, internally and externally:

"Prior to the first Sino-Japan War in 19th century, a Japanese spy who previously lurked in China for almost his entire life handed over a war strategy to his government, proposing to conquer China through cultural warfare. He urged Japan to seize China's media first so as to allow Japan to claim moral high ground through propaganda; once it is done, the rest would fall into place easily – just using military means to eliminate those who refuse to barge.

By then Japan attempted to drive the Western force out of East Asia and establish itself as the new ruling power in the region, for which it needed to seize control of China's resource and territory, so it depicted Japanese colony as "Promise Land”; by now the United States strives for making China pay for its astronomical debts, for which it needs to be able to swing China's political system and public opinion, thus it whole sells US-style democracy to Chinese as “Universal Value”.



Japan's promise land proved to be the realm of hell that resulted in the death of millions of Chinese and resulted Japan to be overruled by a Western military power for the next 65 years, while American-style democracy is being proved to be a game of elites at the expense of the majority people in the nation."

Professor Zhang regards the American-style democracy as a form of dictatorship by a minority elite group over the majority people in the community, and advocates to replace it with the genuine democracy: mass democracy.

In mass democracy - as it is proposed by Zhang and a number of left-leaning intellectuals in China - citizens should not only have a right to scrutinise the performance of government at all levels, but the right to vote any unqualified officials out of their office.

Zhang believes that with the world having entered an internet age, the mass democracy shall be able to materialise in the 21st century which will open a door for the new world order that promotes a balanced respect for the rights of every individuals, groups and nations, not a privileged few; which appreciates culture over profit, encourages cooperation over competition.


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