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Japanese Government Is Accused of Torturing the Abducted Chinese Fishermen

21 September 2010

Kang Chunming (康春明), one of the Chinese fishermen working on fishing trawler Minjin Fishing 5179 (闽晋渔5179号), reported that he and his colleagues were physically and psychologically abused during their illegal detention by Japanese authority, with the methods including verbal insult, lengthy interrogation and sleep deprivation.

"After our trawler was dragged to a Japanese harbour, we were locked in the boat; during the night we were only allowed to sleep by sitting on the floor. Japanese took us out for interrogation daily, sometimes it continued until midnight (渔船被拖到日本石垣后,我们每天都在船上生活,晚上坐覑睡,所有的人都腰酸背痛。日本人每天都把我们拉去审问,有时候审问到下半夜才放我们回来)," said Mr Kang.

"Our trawler is only at 160 ton, while Japanese military ship weights at 1,000 ton. We rammed them? Can you believe that? (我们的船才160多吨,日本军舰有1000多吨,还说我们撞他们,哪有这样的道理?), " Mr Kang taunted.

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