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Japan's Aggression Against China Today
国家兴亡、渔夫有 责!
Captain Zhan, A National Hero

19 September 2010

Captain Zhan's statement in an illegal mock trial conducted by Japanese government: Ever since ancient time, Diaoyu Islands have always been Chinese territory, and we did nothing wrong by fishing in our own waters. Please let me go home. I will never admit the offence I did not commit. Down with Japanese Imperialism!

船长: 钓鱼岛自古是中国的领土,我们在自己的海域捕鱼那来的犯法, 请尽快放我回家, 本人拒绝认罪, 打到日本帝国主义!

Captain Zhan's abduction to Japan highlights the fact that the Japanese armed forces, though changed their name, haven't really changed the brutal and aggressive mentality. They are still the same old folks as they were during the WWII. If you give them half a chance, the world could see the replay of the 9.18 invasion and Nanjing massacre, in a much bigger scale.

Which reminds us that this very country is trying to become the permanent member of the UN Security Council. A convict wannar join police force?! Can the world afford to take such a risk?

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Chinese at the Grassroots level who, though receive the least pay and live in the worst condition, are the main forces defending the nation.

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