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Japan's War Plan behind the Fishing Trawler Incident

21 September 2010

The following is the English translation of the main point in an article titled Japan Is Deliberately Escalating the DiaoYa Islands Incident (日本蓄意小事化大图谋已超越钓鱼岛) appeared on a Hong Kong media 明报:

The ramification of Japan's detention of Chinese captain Zhan Qixiong is so serious that it has blown out of proportion, yet still, Japan is determined to stick it out. Japanese government must have a much bigger plan in its mind, otherwise there is no explanation as to why it keeps escalating initially a rather minor incident.

Recently, Japan decided to place 25 islands under the direct state control for the reason of defining its continental shelf and protecting the marine resources. One of such islands is Diaoyudao which historically and geographically belongs to China. In so doing, Japan has dramatically expanded its territorial waters, and its continental shelf area increased to 4.47 million km2, which is 11 times bigger than the land of Japan. Once Diaoyu Islands have been "nationalised", their surrounding waters will also become Japanese territory, and Japan can deny other country's access to the region and station its military forces there permanently. According to its local media, Japanese government has pledged a military expansion first time in 38 years, from the current 155,000 to 168,000 troops; and the increased 13,000 troops will all be sent to Diaoyu and other so-called "Southweat Islands".

When we look at the fishing boat incident from this big context, we'll understand why Japan wants to extend Captain Zhan's detention period, at a cost to the bilateral relationship with China. It is a way to legitimise Japanese occupation of the Diaoyu Islands, which is a necessary step towards Japan's goal of positioning its military forces near China.

For Chinese Government, defending its sovereign rights over the Daioyu Islands has become a matter of urgency. While China is still trying to maintain a respectful relation with Japan, a large scale military drill in "Southwest Islands" in December jointly conducted by Japan and the United Stated has been arranged. The drill is named Seize Islands, which is a clear indication that the military exercise is a preparation for the war against China over the Diaoyu Islands. Apparently, Japanese have already come up with a plan for the worst possible scenario in which they find Chinese setting up bases in the islands before they do. In this case, they expect the joint armies of Japan and US to storm the islands by force.

Japanese government has no intention to settle the dispute within the relevant international law right from the start, but is in pursuit of a military solution over the issue. Earlier in May Japan informed Taiwan that it decided to push the national defence boundary for aerial incursions over the East China Sea further west towards Taiwan's aerial border, which has effectively expanded Japan's territorial air space. All these evidences point to one thing that Japan is plotting to expand its maritime territory and seize marine resources through war, and the Daiyu Islands incident is part of this big plan.

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What Chinese Say


Major General Peng Guangqian (彭光谦少将):

In responding to Japan's abduction and mock trial of Chinese captain, I have the following proposals for our government to consider:

1, Trash the talk on Chunxiao Project and resume the research and gas drilling work in full;

2, Send fishery administration ships to protect Chinese fishing boats in Diaoyu Islands area on regular basis.

3, Carry out military exercises in Diaoyu Islands region;

4, Sponsor research projects regarding the legitimacy of Japanese occupation of the Ryukyu Islands.

Japan expert Tang Chunfeng (唐淳风)
(The Research Institution of Ministry of Commerce 商务部研究院日本问题):

There are quite a number of Japanese business operating in China known to have problems of tax invasion. We need to take this issue very seriously. We also should scrutinise closely the export of our natural resources to Japan.

(Source of info 《环球时报》)









比如,钓鱼岛招标,让任志强这样的年年被评为优秀共产党员的开发商,或者潘石屹这样的民营企业家去钓鱼岛做房地产开发,建造海景房,我相信,日本此前建造的所有东西都会在一天之内被中国战无不胜攻无不克的开发商拆除殆尽,如果日本所谓执法船胆敢阻挠,船体将在瞬间被我开发商武装拆毁,能给小日本留下几块木板就算给足他们面子了;再比如,派遣三千城管去钓鱼岛执法,包括南海诸岛的收复,都可以考虑动用这支精兵强将,那些小国的侵占者一定会闻风而逃 ……

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