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Two Cats and A Fish Bowl

23 September 2010


Tokyo cat: I would like to catch these Chinese fish.

Washington cat: You've already caught the captain of the fish, haven't you?

Tokyo cat: He's not the captain of the fish, but the captain fishing the fish.

Washington cat: I see. Then why you bothered to catch him in the first place?

Tokyo cat: For ransom. But his family refuses to bow to my demand for trading him with the fish bowl. If you can make them bow, I'll give you half the fish in the bowl.

Washington cat: Good on you, done! Hi, Chinese, listen, there is an emerging debt-credit relationship that I have to get right between you and me ... frankly, I don't know how that relationship can be made right other than you doing something to meet the demand of my Tokyo friend, which include not to ask for compensation for his murder of your great grand-father, not to object his request to pay ransom for your abducted brother, not to break his heart by reiterating your rejection to his tender love for your charming fish. You once said to save me is to save you, so I understand you can't live without me, so be warned if you don't do what I asked I may stop borrowing more money from you and decide to starve myself to death.

By the way, please don't turn down my proposal of repaying less money than what I borrowed from you, and don't let your spokeswoman tell me that alone would not help reduce my huge trade deficit/debt to you. That's an insult to my intelligence. I know what works for me, and if she thinks it wouldn't do good for her family, she should say so honestly. I hate hypocrites.

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