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September 7, 2010 (2)

16 Sep 2010

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Once the Chinese captain and his fishing crew were kidnapped to Japan, the local politicians who were right in the middle of a political showdown – the battle over the leadership of the ruling party – jumped at the opportunity to capitalise on their political fortune by using the incident to legalise Japan's invasion of the Diaoyu Islands, so they have done all they can to persuade the captain that they will send him home immediately once he admits his trawler entered Japanese territory, and warn him that if he declines to cooperate, he will face prosecution under Japanese law which may result him to spend years in Japanese prison.

It seems the captain's parents did not name him Qixiong (其雄, meaning The Hero) for nothing. Like numerous Chinese Communist Part members who refused to betray their land their people and their faith when threatened with imprisonment, torture and death by the Japanese Army during the WWII, Captain Zhan Qixiong, a CCP member of the 21st century, also rejected the Japanese demand outright.

Back in China, the public opinion is boiling, outraged by the illegal entry of the Japanese patrolling vessels into the Diaoyu Islands region, harassed Chinese fishing boat and kidnapped Chinese captain; some urged Chinese government to send military forces to arrest the captains of Japanese patrolling vessels entering the waters of Diaoyu Islands.

Back at home, Captain Zhan’s grandma passed away on hearing the news of her eldest grandson’s abduction by an armed alien force, and Captain Zhan's son wrote a letter to Japanese PM asking him to let his father go home to attend the funeral. The lad received no reply from the Japanese politicians.

While on Japanese television, Japanese foreign relation’s experts were cheerfully discussing about Japan's China invasion and the Nanjing massacre:

“Chinese were bashed by us, yeah, but they ought to blame themselves for being too weak not accuse us for being too brutal. It’s ridiculous to say we were too cruel. In a war can you afford not to be cruel? (日本中日关系专家:“中国人被我们打了,不怪自己的本事不精,却只怪我们打人太凶了,太狠了,真是可笑。既然是打仗,下手不凶狠一些行么?”)”commented one Japanese expert.

“Chinese are so pathetic, keeping harassing us for apologizing to them for the invasion and the killing we did during the war. This country behaves like a little woman after being bashed by her man. When two blokes fight, if you lost, you either challenge me for another fight to get even or grin and bear. Apology? Forget! (我看中国人没一点男子汉的气魄,像个挨了打的小女人似的,只会纠缠着我们要道歉。男人和男人打架,打赢了是你的本事,输了是你没本事,根本谈不到什么道歉不道歉的。)” said another Japanese expert.

If after their leaders hung and the land nuked as the consequences of a spectacular defeat, Japanese elites still haven't learned a lesson from the war crimes their ancestors committed and still have no appreciation for the basic humanity, it is no surprise that when Chinese cruise ship captain and Chinese authority could break so many rules in order to save the life of a Japanese tourist, Japanese ships and government would create so many rules in order to imprison a Chinese fishing trawler captain and feel no sorry for the death of the captain's grandma caused by the event.

It makes one wonder with such a jungle beast mentality whether Japan as a nation is qualified to become part of the civilised human community in the 21st century?

By the way, according to the Japanese logic, if Japan behaves like a true "bloke", it ought to stop showing its nuke scars to the world each year. It should either challenge America with a nuke war to get even or grin and bear.

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The funeral of Captain Zhan's grandmother who died in sorrow after learned the news of the abduction of her beloved eldest grandson by the Japanese Army.

Captain Zhan's wife in her white mourning dress at her grand-mother-in-law's funeral

Captain Zhan's son Zhan Dejia (詹德佳) serves, at the absence of his father, the eldest grandson of the deceased, as the principle funeral bearer at the old lady's funeral.

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