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September 7, 2010 (1)

16 Sep 2010

Like May, September seems to be a month clogged with events and incidents for China. Just two days before September 9, the day 34 years ago when the founding father of People’s Republic China and Chinese Communist Party passed away; and ten days before September 17, the day 116 years ago when a Sino-Japan war erupted in the Yellow Sea, which became a turning point in China’s modern history that triggered a great change in China from the worst to the best (yet to come); and 11 days before September 18, the day 79 years ago when Japanese Army manufactured an explosion incident and with that excuse Japan occupied three Chinese provinces in the northeast which is regarded as the day of national humiliation by Chinese.

Let’s return to September 7, 2010, a day when two unexpected events popped up with their significance yet to unfold.

The first incident involves a Chinese captain, a Chinese patrol vessel, the Chinese authority and a Japanese patient.

At about 4 o’clock that morning, a Chinese cruise ship “Swallow Beijing (燕京号)” left Tianjin in China's east coast heading to Kobe in Japan. When it entered the open sea, an 18-year old Japanese passenger suddenly began with violent vomiting and soon lost his consciousness. The Chinese captain immediately contacted the Maritime Bureau at nearby Yantai City (烟台), in Shandong Province, and the Bureau sent patrol vessel Sea Patrolling 061 for the ship without delay. Despite of the fact that the ship had already left the Chinese territory, a special arrangement was granted by Chinese authority that allowed the Japanese patient to be brought to the emergency room at Yuhuangding Hospital (毓璜顶医院) before the entrance registration was complete. Due to prompt medical treatment, by late afternoon the Japanese tourist largely recovered from his illness.

The second incident involves a Chinese captain, a number of Japanese patrol vessels, the Japanese authority and an old Chinese lady.

On the same day at about 10:15am, Chinese fishing trawler Minjin Fishing 5179 was fishing on the water near Fishing Islands (Diaoyu Islands), as they did frequently and as their ancestors did for thousands of years. Then a Japanese patrolling ships appeared in this maritime territory traditionally owned by China and deliberately bumped back against the approaching fishing trawler at its attempt to intercept the boat, which caused collision of the two vessels.

What truly tragic is that after the collision, Chinese fishing boat hardly got a scratch, yet the mighty Japanese military ship got cracks in the rear hull. Japanese have become extremely snobbish towards Chinese in the recent centuries for having lagged behind in their once most advanced craftsmanship. But … now it appears that Chinese fishing boats are better crafted than Japanese warships - this would make a national humiliation day for Japan!

Two Japanese military patrolling ships attack a Chinese fishing trawler

The humiliated Japanese military authority immediately sent two more ships to chase after the Chinese fishing boat that by then had arrived in the open sea. The Japanese military vessels rammed the Chinese boat from both sides until the boat could no longer move. When the Japanese boarded the Chinese boat with force, a scuffle erupted between fully armed Japanese military officers and bare-handed Chinese fishermen, and eventually the fishing trawler was seized and Chinese captain Zhan Qixiong (詹其雄) was handcuffed and abducted to Japan along with his entire crew.

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