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Deputy Sheriff of USA in China?

1 September 2010

The following is the main point of an article penned by the chief Beijing correspondent for Morning News (新闻晨报驻京首席记者):

There was a time when I began to wonder from where Fang got money to support himself and his family. Later Professor Xiao Chuanguo (肖传国教授) launched defamation case against Fang in a US court and asked his US lawyer to investigate Fang's website that is largely used to publicly smear anyone and anything that Fang dislikes which include Chinese medicine, a sizable number of Chinese scientists and journalists. It was by then we learned that his website is not non-profit as he claimed. Fang received funds to run the site from an US anti-China foundation through an exiled Chinese political activist. The exposure of the true nature of his website makes me reconsider the accusations by some people in China that Fang's fraud exposure activities are not as simple as it looks. In fact, it's part of a big action designed by some forces behind to delay China's technology progress - a crucial drive in China's development.


Fang's fierce attack on Chinese medicine is especially outrageous. Just because a 4,000-year old system doesn't fit into that of the West with 400 years history, it would have no right to exist? His hatred for anything that is distinctively Chinese or anything that he cannot find its origin in the West is almost hysterical and rather psychotic. Many research projects were taken off under the heated public pressure stirred up by his rowdy and sensational journalism. Take Professor Zhang Yinqing (张颖清教授). This passionate and devoted scientist died of a broken heart after his project was forced to be abandoned. What China has become now! [Live under the mercy of American citizen!] If Professor Zhang's family decides to physically confront Fang, I would fully understand why they want to do so.


[Dr. Xiao Chuanguo is one of China's leading neural scientists who invented revolutionary Xiao Procedure but later his professional reputation was badly smeared by Shi-min Fang. The clinical trial on Xiao Procedure has eventually been successful while a law suit against Fang was filed in a US court. Fang however has failed to present himself before the court, yet his group has not stopped posting lies about Xiao’s work on English forums.]

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方贼子的存在是一面镜子,照见中国社会的难堪与窘境 -- 中国怎么竟会允许一个美国人在中国以打假为名攻击中国推销美国并因此成为英雄?

思考题 (由网民"后台"提供):

1, 方贼子自编、自演、自砸,做给谁看?

2, 方贼子在中国急不可待地推销转基因主粮目的何在?

3, 方贼子反中医与神密的美国生物信息公司有什么内在联系?

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