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An American Doctor
on Dr Xiao vs Mr Fang (2)

26 September 2010

by Evan Kass MD
Chief of Pediatric Urology
Beaumont Children's Hospital

Chinese translation by 张清

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很不幸,竟然有人试图在没有证据或没有同行(指泌尿外科医生同行)公正评价的状况下给肖医生定罪。那个叫 Jian Ping(笔误,应该是Jian Peng,彭剑,方舟子的律师)的人所讲的话,是典型的、对事实证据缺乏公正诚实的评价就试图给一个无辜者定罪的发言。当然,我为肖传国医生辩护,是因为在我眼里,肖医生是个勤奋工作并很诚实的科学家和医生。我个人亲身经历并见证了肖医生做肖氏手术。我不得不说,他是一个异常杰出的外科医生,他可以在世界上任何国家取得成功。他毫无必要伪造数据来美化他的手术,而且我可以很诚实地告诉你,他的手术在我们的一些病人身上非常成功。是不是肖氏手术可以在每个脊柱裂小孩身上有效呢?当然不是。我们可以选择那些更适合肖氏手术的病人吗?绝对可以,那正是我们研究的目的。那些批评我们的做法或质疑肖医生的肖氏手术有效性的人,应该去做更多的调查研究,而不是狂狗吠月。





Unfortunately, there are those who would try to convict Dr Xiao without evidence or a fair judgement of the evidence by his peers. Jian Ping's comments are typical of those who would convict an innocent man without a fair and honest view of the evidence. Certainly, I defend Dr Xiao because he is, in my opinion, an honest hardworking scientist and surgeon. I have personally witnessed Dr Xiao doing his surgery and must say that he is an exceptionally gifted surgeon who would be successful in any country in the world. He did not need to falsify data to justify his procedure and I can tell you honestly that his procedure has worked wonderfully in some of our patients. Does it work for every child with spina bifida? Certainly not. Can we sub-select patients who would do better than others? Absolutely. That is the purpose of our study, and those that would criticize our methodology or the fact that Dr Xiao's procedure has some validity have to do more than simply bark at the moon. Our study at Beaumont has passed through multiple reviews both internally and externally before we were able to enroll patients, and anyone who tries to criticize our methodology, obviously is not objective and one must certainly question their motivations. As to the charge of assault, it is obvious that I, nor anyone on this blog knows the truth, but if you follow the career of Mr Fang, one should be very suspicious of any charges that Mr fang makes, because he is a man possessed by the need for revenge. If one chooses the side of a man who has been charged with plagerism, lost his counterclaim in court and has spent the last several years trying to destroy the career of the man he suspects of reporting him for falsifying data, then one certainly has to question that persons judgement. I choose to defend an honorable man that I know is a gifted surgeon, hard working scientist and a gentle kind soul. Could he have been pushed to his limit by a man who has harassed him at every turn and has tried to ruin his good reputation? Perhaps. Anyone can be pushed beyond the point of no return if they are constantly bombarded with false accusations, but, in my opinion, I do not think Dr Xiao is capable of such an action. Dr Xiao, despite all of the attempts of Mr Fang to discredit him continues to be a well respected person throughout the world and is not a desperate man. Most of us in the scientific community have read the ravings of Mr Fang and dismissed them as the words of a man hell bent on revenge. We would not be surprised if he engineered this whole event.

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Dr. Xiao Chuangu

Dr Zachary Burton's former student
Mr. Shi-min Fang

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