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An American Doctor
on Dr Xiao vs Mr Fang

26 September 2010

by Evan Kass MD
Chief of Pediatric Urology
Beaumont Children's Hospital

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Dr. Xiao Chuanguo



I have known Dr Xiao for years and in my opinion, he is a good man, a caring physician, gifted surgeon, and an honest investigator. The scientific basis for his surgical procedure was initially developed in the animal laboratory and the results published in peer reviewed journals. Only after years of research was it applied to humans. We have been involved in a prospective study to evaluate this procedure and have constructed a valid research protocol for this project. Dr Xiao, has been involved with the development of the research protocol and has cooperated fully with us and understands that the results of this study will be published. He has not tried to hide any of his research results or any other information. He is considered by the physicians and scientists in the United States as a respected colleague.

Mr Fang, on the other hand, is an individual who is reported to have published research that was not his, and was reportedly called on it by Dr Xiao. He has conducted himself as a man seeking revenge at all costs and has tried to discredit Dr Xiao at every turn. One has to wonder if these claims of assault are real or imaginary. It makes no sense for a man of Dr Xiao's stature to hire some fools to punch Mr Fang and then return to China sometime later to be arrested. If he had hired someone for this task, wouldn't he have known that they were arrested prior to his return to China from Argentina and avoided arrest?? Dr Xiao is a brilliant man, and this reported assault attempt seems to be the work of a fool, not Dr Xiao.

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