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September 18, 1931

18 Sep 2012

9.18 incident 79 years ago was the first step in Japan's plan to conquer China, while conquering China is the key step towards Japan's goal of dominating the world.

Japan almost succeeded. With just 900 armed men Japanese troops drove out 200,000 Chinese forces stationed in the three northeast provinces, owning to the non-resistance "strategy" put into the practice by the Nationalist Government in Nanjing, which led to the full invasion of the almost entire China in the following few years by Japan, whose ambition to expand beyond the confinement of the islands is deeply imprinted in its national gene and would not be persuaded to abandon but can only be deterred by force.

Since then Chinese viewed 9.18 as the day of national humiliation.

The biggest lesson Chinese learned from 9.18 is that to compromise without principle in face of alien aggression would only bring the total demise of China as a nation.

Japanese marines pose in Shanghai Zhabei District (闸北区) in August 1937.

Japan invaded and occupied Shenyang in China's northeast with the help of their collaborators from the Manchurian tribes on September 18, 1931, but the President Chiang Kai-shek and his Nationalist Government only declared war against the occupation forces ten years later, by then Japanese Army had already had half of Chinese territory under its control.

January 1933, Japanese Army ascended Shanhai Pass (山海关 ), the gateway to the ancient capital.

Since the Nationalist Government decided not to confront the invasion force, it only took little more than one year for Japanese Army to march to the front door of Beijing from Shenyang, leaving the vast region in between under Japanese rule.

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9.18! 9.18!

据报: 欲再为政改冲出一条血路的深圳,18日晨10时起,有逾百爱国者聚集抗议日本占领钓鱼岛,呼吁抵制日货。可悲的是每当示威者舞动国旗,旗帜都会遭当局派遣的公安抢走,引致双方多次推撞。



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