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A Wudang Kung fu Master

29 August 2010

Mt Wudang (武当山), one of four most sacred Daoist mountains in China and the birthplace of Taichi, is the home to Daoist martial arts. Mr Wang Deming (王德明) with Daoist title Do Nothing (无为子), meaning acting without action, is one of the top kung fu masters in the Mt Wudang in Hubei Province.

Daoist Do Nothing began to actively do his kung fu training since 15 and proactively do his Daoist cultivating at the age of 17 when he was ordained by the legendary Daoist Liu Chengjia (长为师), who is said to possess kind of surer-human qualities, and becomes the 25th inheritor of the Dragon Gate sector (龙门派).

Since 2008, Do Nothing has returned to Wudang after over a decade traveling around and established Wudang Taichi Health Institute (武当山太极养生协会), teaching Wudang Kung fu and Daoist body and mind nourishment theories and practices to his students who come from all over the world.

Daoist Do Nothing is doing his club and sword kung fu practice.

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