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South Koreans' Violence Against Chinese

1 August 2010

On Friday morning (July 30, 2010), about 300 Chinese workers from Woojeon Corp (南朝鲜宇田株式会社) held a mass rally in Dongwan City (东莞市), Guangdong Province, protesting against South Koreans' violence against Chinese.

Woojeon Corp is a South Korean company operating in Silver Lake Industry Park (银湖工业园) in Dongwan's Xiegang Township (谢岗镇). Last Tuesday (July 27, 2010) early morning at about 4am, a South Korean manager brutally knocked a Chinese worker to the floor for some minor mistakes made, sat on the victim's body and bashed him for 20 minutes, causing head, eye and body injuries to the Chinese worker.

South Koreans are known to have a culture of violence with a history of assisting Japanese Army in the massacre in Nanjing and other Chinese cities during the WWII, thus are by no means to be popular among the general population in China. But what drove the Chinese to walk off jobs and marched the streets demanding justice are the way that South Korean company and local town authority approached the incident, despite this was not the first time that South Koreans bullied the local workers.

It is said that the victim was tricked by the South Korean company and the local Chinese authority into signing an agreement when he was still lying on the floor bleeding. The agreement states that he would accept a settlement with compensation and would not take an legal action against his perpetrator. Later on when he realised what he had been made to do, he asked to return the money and decided to seek justice, but his demand was rejected.

The rally was eventually dispersed by police late that afternoon, but the dispute has not yet been resolved and the justice is still waiting to be served.

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