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A Showdown for An Empty Town

8 Aug 2010



One day Cao Cao (曹操), the Secretary of State of Wei Kingdom (魏国) and Jiang Gan (蒋干), the Secretary of Defence of Wei Kingdom, set out to conquer the Shu Kingdom (蜀国).

Shu was a relatively weak state in today's Sichuan Province led by I Ching master Zhuge Liang, while Wei had the most powerful military capability and the puppet emperor, the head of the United Han within Nation, under its control. But Wei army lost the battle before the great wall of the city that is almost empty. Why? Because their leaders had bad names, literary. When Zhuge Liang kept reminding them their bad names, the morale of their troops dropped to minus 200 degree .... the rest you can imagine.

The moral of the story: Don't underestimate the soft power of tongue and intangible power of words. When you find your attackers have bad names, do the name calling, loudly and persistently until they can stand no longer and fall from their high ground, whether made of concrete or moral!

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Chinese Classics

Confucius, The Rites (孔子·《礼记》):

In a time of peace, the sovereign should exercise benevolence and maintain justice in the kingdom; during the time of crisis, the sovereign must not hesitate to use state powers to crash the enemies of the nation. Only when a kingdom is harmonious among its people and invincible to its foe, it can then be called an age of prosperity.


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