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A Nuke War Between China and USA?

18 August 2010

Washington has recently backtracked on its earlier decision and decided to send Washington, the US aircraft carrier, to the Yellow Sea in front of China's maritime gate. Since August 16, the joint military show performed by the US and SK forces at China's doorstep has been formally staged, and a certain Washington individual went out of his way to issue a stern warning to Chinese that if Beijing dares to show disrespect to Washington by hurting the visiting guest, the Washington aircraft carrier, America will not rule out the option of attacking China with nukes.

Here are some Chinese responses collected from various online forums -,, and - regarding the uninvited guest the Washington and the nuke threat from Washington:


I like to see the Washington to come to the Yellow Sea. It’s even better if America can send all their 11 aircraft carriers here. I’ve calculated for them. To initiate a war with China, 11 carriers won’t be enough, since it can only accommodate 800 to 900 aircrafts. Of course, some US planes can use the base in South Korean, but still it won’t be able to block entire China’s coastline. Besides, we have third generation warplanes in a reasonable number, and our air force with a superior air defence system is waiting at ease for the exhausted enemies from afar, therefore the time, the geographic advantage and the world opinion are on our side. More importantly, we have plenty other counter measures against them apart from using ballistic missiles to destroy their aircraft carriers, that include a large number of nuclear submarines, regular submarines, 022-type high-speed stealth missile boats, Navy J-11s, newest guided missile destroyers, all types of torpedoes and marine mines, just to name a few. As for to trash the Washington with our ballistic missile, it’s just a piece of cake, really. If Americans want to have a showdown with us, even by the standard set by their military action when they assaulted the Ryukyu Islands in the WW II, they’ll need to prepare 100 aircraft carriers, not 11. And they must send thousands of battleships and mobilise 450,000 US marine troops.

Then they will need to have flank forces to support their frontal attack. When the ground battle begins, just Korean Peninsular alone will need to engage 200,000 US troops to say the least. High tech war? Once the satellites are shot down and the EMP from both sides interrupt each other, the fight will have to return to the old scenario: brawls between the men in the fields with guns and knives and fists.

Americans are more advanced in arms comparing to us, both in number and in quality – that we admit – but these are also their weakness. To start with, the high tech weapons usually are not as reliable as the simple stuff; then they are too expensive to maintain. Take F-35 fighter. It costs 90 million US dollars to get one at the current market price, and I wonder how many fighters will be enough in their China war. With their present deficit level, I'm confident it shall not be too difficult to drive America into a total bankruptcy through the war.

In the end, the war is fought between men. We have 1.3 billion people with an unbeatable record in the Korean War and in the Vietnam War. We have an annual steel production up to 500 million tons, and a large number of combat aircrafts, missiles and firearms. At the moment our government is trying hard to suppress property price hike through cooling the overheated property market, I reckon this will be a good way to achieve the goal – to let military industry consume the surplus steel supply.

What America has? $1.3 trillion debt. The war will guarantee its final collapse!

Which is why Americans would threaten us with nuke war if we fire at the Washington when it volunteers itself to be our target.

Don’t they even know the nukes are the tool to bully those who have no nukes? Or else why everyone wants to get one?

By now the United States can not even win the war in Afghanistan, dares not to attach Iran and North Korea, yet it attempts to conquer China. Washington knows what kind of dying situation America is current in, which prompts it to take an all-or-nothing gamble, hoping to fish in troubled waters.

If an open military confrontation is not the real objective as we can see from the evidence, then what is it trying to achieve by sending the Washington to the Yellow Sea ?

Politics and economy!

It seeks to coerce China to appreciate MRB exchange rate, to open more markets and industries to US business, to allow Washington to interfere China’s economic policies, to accept Washington's influence on Beijing's appointment of the key positions in Chinese government, and to betray its long-time allies - all these are fairly similar to what UK once sought in China in the Opium War. When Americans have dropped all pretence and knock on our front gate with guns and warships, they become our enemies; for the sake of our people and our land, we must draw our swords and show them no mercy!

As to the pathetic South Koreans who have actively promoted this military confrontation between two big nations, justice must be serviced. We can cancel all the special concessions granted to their business which results a large trade surplus against us, and we can also expel all South Koreans who have overstayed their visas in China. And much more.

Having said that, the next question is why Americans dare to send Washington to the Yellow Sea?

The answer lies not in them but in us. We have problems within. We have so many different voices, and we have been divided by their agents.

The open conflict with the US is a good opportunity for us to clean and tidy our own house – it’s time to identify and purge the traitors!


But right now, our centre television station #3 is dearly reviewing all South Korean pop concerts showed on each Happy Tonight program. I really don’t know what to say …


These are what America has done to China: They try to split our land, they lay siege around us, they spread rumours to stir troubles among us, they dictate our economy.


America is a wolf. Since China the sheep has grown so fat, what do you expect wolf to react? How wretched some people in China would still think sheep can work with wolf for the common interest.


It’s time for Chinese government to educate people about the reality: America is our enemy.


非常喜欢美国的华盛顿航母来中国。有本事你就来,最好是你现役的11艘航母一起来。我给美国算了一笔帐。向中国开战, 11艘航母也不过是8、900架舰载各种战机, 肯定是不够的。当然,假如中美真的在黄海打仗,从南朝鲜的基地可能会起飞一些战机支援航母,但仅此而已, 封锁不了本土作战的中国。中国的海岸线很长,并且我们有相当数量的三代战机可以对等迎战敌人。我们是以逸待劳,有完善的本土防空的设施,我们掌握着完全的主动,可谓是天时、地利、人和。最重要的是我们有很多的反制措施,不光是弹道导弹打航母, 还有核动力攻击潜艇、常规潜艇、022隐身导弹艇、歼-11(su-30MKK)、现代级的导弹驱逐舰、 各种类型的鱼雷、水雷...我们先不去评论我们的弹道导弹打航母的可行性,这个敌人不是很难对付的。美国跟中国的战争,按二战美军进攻琉球群岛的海军实力来做准备吧,至少需要100艘航母、数千艘各种舰船、45万海军陆战队, 然后可以跟中国决战

你还要从各个方面进行进攻,有重点的,也要有侧翼,最起码美帝要占领几个滩头阵地吧。我看要是在陆地上决战,仅仅朝鲜半岛双方投入的兵力绝不能低于200万!高科技战争?糊弄鬼去吧!未来战争在双方的卫星被干下来, 在相互的强电磁对抗下,最后还是钢铁对钢铁,肉体对肉体的搏杀



所以心虚的美帝会这样叫嚣: 如果中国击沉航母,不排除用核武器反击!!!



美帝以此来要挟中国,逼迫中国做出经济和政治上的重大让步: 人民币按美国人的意志升值(所以美国就是世界上最大的流氓国家,他指责别国操纵汇率,殊不知他一直在干涉他国的汇率政策), 中国要按照美国的意志开放更多的市场和行业,美国可以干涉中国的经济政策,人事任免,压中国出卖伊朗和朝鲜,这一切就是1000多年前的澶渊之盟或者南京条约!美帝的目标很简单,就是要直白的掠夺中国人民的财富来延缓他衰败的现实!当美帝表现得如此赤裸裸的时候,中国人民就不要跟它客气了,你跟你的敌人还客气什么






现在,就现在 (2010-08-16 23:46:42),我们的中央三台正在播放欢乐今宵:历年中国南朝鲜歌会精选!我无语....







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