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Naked People in China

29 August 2010

The following is the excerpt from a post penned by one of China's leading online commentators known as 云淡水暖:

There are three kinds of naked people in China.

1, Naked government officials who have sent their families overseas, transferred assets to their new homes and get passport ready. Once their corruption is exposed, they fly overseas to live in luxury for the rest of their lives.

一种裸法: 裸官在国内当官,妻女全在国外,裸官心怀鬼胎,把后顾之忧减少到最小,把贪腐的胆子放到最大,妻女在国外建立据点,裸官把国内犯法所得转移到国外,一有风吹草动,裸官利用手中的护照绝尘而去,享乐一生;

2, Naked entrepreneurs who migrate to overseas then return to China to apply for special benefits granted to foreign business and investment, using cheap labour to generate quick profits that all flow to their new settlements while leaving the damaged landscape and polluted rivers behind in China.

第二种裸法: 拿到一个西方的身份,摇身一变成为“假洋鬼子”,夹着皮包再溜回来,高举一面“外商”的大旗,堂而皇之地赚中国的钱,盘剥中国的劳动力,污染中国的环境,再把利润带出中国。这种裸可以叫做裸商

3, Naked intellectuals who import political and cultural values from the West, and pack them as cutting-age new ideas to wholesale to Chinese with the purpose to turn China into the puppet state of the West.

Case in point - two Chinese professors from the United States, one surnamed Chen and another surnamed Wen, advocate the full privatizations of the state enterprises, selling off the state-owned land and adapting US political system. They've advocated day after day on media, in universities and at various forums. Whose interest these two guys are representing? China or America?

第三种裸法: 把美国、西方希望中国实现的价值观日复一日,年复一年地辛勤地贩运进来,据说叫做“普世价值”,或者说叫做“先进理念”、“先进文化”,试图把中国变成西方的经济附庸、政治附庸。这种裸可以叫做裸学


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